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One method of treating erectile dysfunction is locally negative pressure therapy. The essence of this treatment is to carry out the so-called vacuum massage, consisting of the following steps:

  1. The penis is placed in a flask and a tight fit of the flask to the pubis of the patient is created to prevent air leakage.
  2. After that, the air pumping mechanism is activated, and the pressure inside the mare decreases. This leads to swelling of the inverter. In this state, the inverter is about 1-2 minutes.
  3. After that, the pressure in the flask is equalized with the original, at the same time (1-2 minutes).
  4. Repeat step 2-3 about 7 times, after which the session is considered complete.

Проведение ЛОД-терапии

In medical practice, special devices are used, which, in addition to the implementation of a vacuum massage, are simultaneously affected by other methods of therapy (magnetic therapy, laser therapy). The change in pressure in such devices is carried out programmatically, without human intervention. This therapy is carried out within the walls of the clinic.

Vacuum massage at home

Especially for self-therapy, a vacuum erector is used - a device where pressure control is carried out manually (without software). You can purchase a vacuum erector on the recommendation of a doctor and from suppliers of medical equipment.

However, this device was adopted by the sex industry as a means to increase the frequency converter. Indeed, the stretching of tissues occurring under negative pressure can cause their deformation upwards. However, this process is not mandatory and lengthy, and this requires its own method of study.

Let's return to the topic of increasing potency. Now intimate stores are full of so-called. vacuum pumps. They have the same principle of action as the vacuum erector, but they are of poor quality, and for the most part, they represent a poor-quality Chinese fake on the original.

Choosing a vacuum pump

Вакуум-эректор или вакуумная помпа To start classes, you need a good machine that will perform its duties. It must contain a pressure gauge - a device that indicates the pressure readings. A good vacuum pump cannot be cheap, and in most intimate shops there are a lot of Chinese fakes. If you count on the long-term prospect of occupations, then it is better for you to get vacuum pumps of proven companies: LA Pump, Magnum, Dr. Joel Kaplan Pumps.


  • It is advisable to start the session with warming up the inverter (warm compresses, shower, etc.) and its light massage. This is done in order to minimize the risk of injury. Alternatively, you can start the procedure with a light jelly .
  • Always keep a reasonable limit in the classroom and start gradually with a little pressure. 3-5 дюймов по ртутному столбу будет вполне достаточно для начинающих. In general, try not to deal with too low negative pressure - 3-5 inches of mercury will be enough for beginners.
  • Avoid pain during the vacuum procedure. If you feel pain while exercising, reduce pressure in a vacuum or postpone exercise until the next time.
  • An indicator of your classes should be your penis - listen to the sensations and take a break from therapy if you feel overloaded. Do not allow injuries of the inverter such as bleeding, hematoma, stretching of the skin, etc.
  • It is desirable to finish the procedure with a light massage of the inverter - this will restore the blood circulation and fill the cells with oxygen.
If you ignore these recommendations and too hard work, the following complications can occur: numbness of the penis, hemorrhage, hematoma, weakening of erectile function.

The positive effect of therapy

If your therapy passes correctly, then after a while you will be able to observe positive effects in the form of an improvement in blood filling of the penis, a harder and more frequent erection, etc.

If everything happens exactly the opposite, then you should review your classes in the direction of reducing the load and take a break until you return to normal.

We recommend reading the following article “ How to achieve a strong erection on an ongoing basis .”

You should understand that this therapy is only part of the treatment, and its use as monotherapy is possible only with mild levels of impaired potency or for prevention. Combinations with other methods of increasing potency will give the best result.

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