Психологические расстройства потенции Psychology is very important in all spheres of life, including sexual. What a man thinks of himself as a lover can determine his behavior in sexual relations. That is why when treating problems with potency, one of the attending physicians is a psychotherapist.

Doctors have long known the medical term psychological impotence - this is impotence caused by various psychological experiences and disorders.

What can be caused by psychological problems with potency?

  • Unsuccessful first sexual experience. As a rule, the first sexual experience lays a trace on the subsequent sex life of a man. There are many reasons for failures: I got nervous - an erection disappeared at a crucial moment (see “Why a member falls during sex - methods of overcoming an illness” ), strong arousal - rapid ejaculation, etc. It should be firmly understood that everyone had the first time, and if not all, then the majority made mistakes. It's like skating for the first time - mistakes and falls are inevitable.
  • Fear of being sexually incompetent, not to satisfy a partner.
  • Reproaches from the partner. Men, vulnerable creatures, with regard to the stones in their garden in the sexual issue. Therefore, the girl, showing his dissatisfaction with a partner, can cause a man insults that will haunt him all his life.
  • Conscious or unconscious antipathy to the girl. In the end, partners may simply not fit together.

The list of psychological disorders is far from complete. Here there is a large number of individual (individual) cases. The material presented above will only help you to carry out an introspection correctly. But all these cases fall under the so-called syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure , methods for overcoming which, you can find the link.

It is necessary to distinguish psychological and physiological disorders with potency. For example, if erection problems occur only next to a partner, and in private you can easily cause a long and strong erection, then this is most likely a psychological disorder.

How to solve psychological disorders of potency?

  1. The very first thing to do is to determine the source of the problem. Think about what causes fears and experiences? Are your fears justified?
  2. Enlist as much self-confidence as possible . Think about what makes you feel most confident, and embody it. For example, your train of thought should be something like this: “I have a good potency, because I did exercises to increase potency , I was eating right, I was prepared, my potency would not let me down”. Adhere to the general recommendations that will help you feel more confident: monitor your health, eat foods that increase potency , do special exercises, to increase potency, watch testosterone levels, exercise. Whatever you do, it should strengthen your self-confidence.
  3. Enlist the support of your partner - the most important part. If in case of failure, without fear or embarrassment you could explain to your partner about your problem. This is the whole essence of getting rid of the fear of failure, sexual intimacy. If you are not afraid of the failure and worry about it, then there will be no failure. This method is the most effective, because allows you to meet face to face with their anxieties, so to speak in "combat conditions".


And if there is no girl, but casual sex will turn up, and I’m not sure of myself?
See points 1, 2.

It happens and this: you understand that you have no problems with potency, but there are just psychological problems, but you still can not do anything. How to be?
See paragraphs 1, 2, 3.

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