Влияние мяты на потенцию Very often you can hear that mint has a detrimental effect on potency. Men are afraid of peppermints, tea with mint, menthol cigarettes, etc. Immediately make a reservation: even if the mint has a negative effect on the potency, then one or a few mint chewing gums or cups of tea with mint will not affect the potency in any way. And about menthol cigarettes can not speak, because smoking in itself reduces the potency.

Scientists who conducted the research did not reveal any substances affecting potency in mint. But the opinion that mint negatively affects the potency has some basis. The fact is that mint has a calming effect on the entire body, so the body tends not to disturb the state of rest, and does not allow psychological and physical arousal. In addition, some varieties of mint have a very pronounced calming effect.

There may also be a factor of self-suggestion, i.e. having drunk, for example, tea with mint, the man thinks that his potency will decrease, which happens later.

So, if mint affects the potency , then only natural mint, which is used in a constant mode. All substitutes such as mint chewing gum or mint tea can not be afraid.

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  • Ilya says:

    didn't even know about it

  • Anton says:

    3 cups a day and the female body no longer has any effect !!!

  • Sergey says:

    On the contrary, my sexual desire is greatly increased. And when you have sex, orgasm quickly comes. It is worth drinking a mint with a week, as sexual intercourse is extended for 15 minutes for active movements. And no chemistry is needed !!

  • Victoria says:

    My dad made me tea from mint all the time, constantly added mint monardo to vegetable salad. When I was a student at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (this is a very difficult university in Moscow), I was very nervous because of my studies. Therefore, menthol cigarettes were smoked as a sedative. Only menthol, and no more. So still fond of.
    I can not stand when people spend money on different Illeniums, di-Amidrols. Every chemistry destroys your body.

    • Azalea says:

      Do you smoke and notice the harm of chemicals? Funny

    • Oh says:


  • Vladimir says:

    I just dream that my potency was at zero - I will drink mint with buckets. There is no wife, but by faith you cannot fornicate, masturbate, too, and oh, how oh, I want to be at least 30 already.

  • Sweet says:

    Oh ... boys, does not affect the potency, in any case, the potency of my boyfriend. Sex as always wonderful. And in the passive it may be easier to relax the ass ...

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