Влияние секса на потенцию Sex - is an integral part of nature and human culture. Therefore, the presence or absence of sex life in the human body has a certain impact on. Regular sex is a prerequisite for the of maintaining the normal potency and sex drive.

Why? Like other muscles of the body, the genitals also need training. Regular sex is precisely the very same workout. Without moving the muscles atrophy, as well as genitals.

When inactivity is reduced genital blood flow to the pelvic organs, which impairs the flow of nutrients and oxygen. Poor blood circulation can lead to stagnant processes, and stagnant processes provoke the appearance of prostatitis and bacterial diseases of the reproductive system.

It must be remembered about the security measures, if there is regular sex with different partner, as This can cause a variety of infectious diseases. Each of us has its own microflora of bacteria, and if during sex with a regular partner, the bacteria “rub up” each other, as it were. Since an organism is prepared for a certain set of microbes, then unintelligible connections only increase the likelihood that the organism cannot cope with microorganisms unfamiliar to it. And it provides a good ground for infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. In this case, there will be a decrease in potency .

Sex, psychology and potency

Do not forget about the psychological dependence of potency on sex. People who are in sexual relationships are less prone to stress, more resilient. A very good stimulus for male potency is the words of approval of the sexual abilities of a man by her partner. This gives men a feeling of victory, which provokes the production of testosterone, a hormone responsible for the sexual characteristics and sexual power of a man.

Conversely, if a woman openly shows her dissatisfaction with a partner, this can significantly reduce the potency, and in severe cases is the cause of impotence.

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