Why is it not interesting to live and how to deal with it?

It happens that life appears before us in gray. Much begins to seem meaningless, and everything that happens is felt as something predetermined and uncontrolled. In a way, the taste of life is lost and what is called apathy in psychology arises. Life is no longer [...]

About schizophrenia in men - symptoms, treatment and prognosis of the disease

Schizophrenia is a disorder, shrouded in myths and overgrown with “accurate” life symptoms. But the reality is that no one can exactly answer the question of what schizophrenia is and what its typical characteristics are. Today we will tell about this disease from the point of view of [...]

About male depression - causes, symptoms and methods of dealing with the disease

“Men do not cry” - this stereotype today governs the lives of most men, regardless of age or status. But the belief in this principle does not at all contribute to the maintenance of a harmonious psycho-emotional state: every year the problem of male depression increases, and social stereotypes only worsen […]

How to get out of depression after a man’s divorce?

Social statistics say that about a quarter of all marriages break up. And divorce is not the easiest thing in the life of any man. Without going into the reasons for divorce, let's see why the divorce process is accompanied by despondency, and sometimes severe depression. Briefly about [...]

How to gain confidence in a man?

Self-confidence is what we sometimes lack. But what is the problem and how to overcome this invisible barrier of uncertainty, which sometimes creates serious obstacles in our way? Before proceeding to some of the recommendations, let's see, [...]

How to survive the pregnancy of his wife - a practical guide

Not for all men the period of pregnancy of the wife passes cloudlessly: sometimes this period is accompanied by severe stresses from the man, misunderstanding of what happens with his pious, and generally total loss from the "usual" relationship. And it can be connected, as with [...]

Overcoming a midlife crisis without problems

The fact that a middle age crisis is not always a painless period is blown by many popular psychological editions. But serious science does not always agree with such a "negativistic" point of view. Yes, the time of the middle age crisis is a period of rethinking of one’s life and the path covered, […]

Symptoms of a midlife crisis in men and their causes

Each of us had to deal with such a concept as a midlife crisis. And somehow it turned out that the word “crisis” is associated with despondency and stagnation, but is it really so? In principle, with the “normal” (the norm is an abstract concept) the course of life, [...]