Contraception for men - what methods are there?

Contraception is translated from Latin as an "exception", and its essence is reduced to the exclusion of unwanted pregnancy using various methods. Male contraception is carried out in different ways: by slowing the maturation of sperm; blocking the formation of sperm; the creation of a mechanical barrier that prevents the ejaculate from penetrating the female genital tract. [...]

Enlarging a member after a newbie program - Part 5

Welcome visitors to our site! This is already the fifth article from the series “Enlargement of the penis”, and with you, as always, I am Mr.Jons. In this article I will tell you about what should be done after the completion of the novice program, which I described [...]

Medical and rational therapy STOSN - Part 2

In the previous article, we detailed the topic of erectile dysfunction, namely: Described the main medical and psychological features of erectile dysfunction. Differentiated STOSN (anxiety syndrome expectations of sexual failure) and organic disorders of erection. They told about two types of this violation and the reasons for its occurrence. In this [...]

Terms of success in penis enlargement - Part 4

Welcome visitors to our site. This is another article from the series of articles "Enlargement of the penis." And today, I - Mr.Jons, will tell you how to achieve the greatest result, what determines the growth potential of a member, etc. This is an extremely important topic. It will be [...]

Details about STOSN - Part 1

The syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure (STOSN) is one of the forms of erectile dysfunction and at the same time the most common cause of difficulties in the sexual life of men. It is noteworthy that STOSN can be a consequence of other mental disorders, as well as the cause of the complication of concomitant diseases. For example, [...]

Real sizes of porn stars and not only - Part 3

Hello, friends! With you again I am Mr.Jons. While you are engaged in increase in the member according to the program of the novice, I have prepared for you an article that will be interesting to many. In this article, I will talk about topics such as: What is big size? Its advantages [...]

FAQ on wetting in boys and men

Pollution is an act of ejaculation uncontrolled by the consciousness of a man. This physiological phenomenon is equally common among young people and adolescents, as well as among men of mature age. The lack of information about the mechanism of formation of pollutants entails a lot of anxiety and ambiguity. FAQ on emissions When [...]

How to start a penis enlargement? Adaptation Course - Part 2

Hello, dear friends! I am glad to present to your attention the second article in the course of the articles “Increasing Sexual Member” (link to the first article). In this article, I am Mr.Jons, I will tell you in as much detail as possible about how to start increasing member. So, let's begin!!! Adaptation [...]

Is it possible to really increase the penis? - Part 1

Greetings to all visitors to our site. We are pleased to inform you that the site has launched a number of articles on penis enlargement. This article is a starting one, and in it we will answer the question - is it possible to increase the frequency converter? Articles will be published and [...]

Why is a member falling during sex? - Working methods for solving the disease

STOSN - what is it? STOSN - the cornerstone in the sexual life of many men. This is a problem with physiological consequences and purely psychological roots. The syndrome of anxious waiting for sexual failure is a psychosomatic disorder, manifested in a sharp decline in erection when you try to enter sexual […]