Jelk (jelkling) - exercise for the penis (FC), designed to improve its characteristics. This method is borrowed from the Arabs, who from generation to generation from father to son passed the practice of this exercise.


What is useful jelk?

From the positive aspects of this exercise, the following should be highlighted:

  1. Penis enlargement (length and girth);
  2. Improving blood filling of the inverter ( improving the hardness of an erection , see the link for more details);
  3. Overcoming stagnation processes in the inverter.

The essence of the exercise

The main task of the dzhelka is to inject a large amount of blood into the penis. Due to the resulting pressure, microtraumas can form in the IF structure. As a rule, such injuries heal quickly and this leads to the fact that new ones are formed on the site of old tissues, but already in larger quantities. This feature is used to increase the penis, the essence of which lies in the supercompensation of injured tissues by the body. For example, the effect of dzhelka aimed at increasing the term can be compared with the growth of muscles: during training, muscle fibers are injured, and during rest other muscle fibers are formed in their place, but more than the previous ones.

Technique of wet jelly (after having lubricated the inverter with grease):

  1. Achieve an erection rate of 50-75% (optimal values, because more is traumatic, less is ineffective);
  2. Bending the thumb and index finger into the ring (grip ok), clasp the member as close as possible to the base;
  3. Squeeze the grip and slowly, for 3 seconds, lead the grip to the head of the inverter, holding the penis parallel to the floor;
  4. Once your grip is at the base of the head, grab the base of the penis with your other hand, and release the grip near the head;
  5. Repeat step 1-4 with your other hand.

After doing the dzhelka, the inverter in a calm state should look bigger, fatter — a sure sign that the jelking was successful.

This is not a difficult exercise, but it will take some time to fully master it.

After dzhelka useful to perform exercises on the pubic-coccygeal muscle .

Warming up

A prerequisite is preheating the inverter - this minimizes injury and will prepare the member for the exercise. Complete the procedure jelka is also necessary heating.

Warming up methods:

  • Shower;
  • Compress. Make a hot compress on the IF with a piece of cloth. Maintain the right temperature of the fabric as it cools;
  • Capacity with warm water. Lower the inverter in a container with warm water - it should be warm enough to warm up and should not cause discomfort (too hot).

Warming up should last at least 5 minutes. After warming up, the inverter should be soft, relaxed and swollen - a sure sign that the warming up was successful.

Highlights dzhelka

What first of all to pay attention when doing jelka:

  • Symmetrical movement with both hands. Since the exercise requires alternate hand work, make sure that the grip, movement and grip strength were the same for both hands. If this is not observed, asymmetry of the penis and its curvature to one side may develop, due to the fact that one of the sides will grow faster;
  • Equal pressure throughout the trunk of the penis. Many tend to increase the pressure towards the end of the head, which can lead to the “baseball bat” effect when the base of the member is less than the beginning of the IF head;
  • Duration of movement. For a better study, observe the duration of the movement for at least 3 seconds;
  • The degree of erection. Make sure that the level of erection was in the region of 50-70%. If the erection level has increased, take a short break so that he falls to the desired range. The same applies to too low level of erection - jelk in this state is ineffective.

Overtraining Indicators

After performing dzhela on the penis may appear red or black dots, bruises from burst capillaries. It should take a break from class to full recovery from injury.

The deterioration of an erection or the absence of morning erections suggests that you need to take a short break and reduce the intensity of training.

Degree of erection

The degree of erection affects which of the parameters is worked out better: with a lower level of erection, a study is made for length, with a high level for girth. Initially, it is necessary to avoid an erection level of more than 70%, since the inverter has not yet adapted to the loads and there is a high probability of injury. But after a certain period of training, if your priority task is to increase the girth of the inverter, in this case it is necessary to jelify with 80-90% erection. With such a degree of erection in order to avoid injuries, it is worth starting with a slight pressure, gradually, with subsequent workouts, slightly increasing the intensity.

Stages of training

Attention! The training plan is made approximately and does not pretend to the truth!

Month 1

At the initial stage, it is necessary to avoid strong loads and pressures, since the inverter is still not used to this type of influence. Exercise every other day, making a break for recovery. Constantly follow the technique dzhelka. If injuries, bruises, blemishes or pain occur, stop exercising until full recovery.

The frequency of training - every other day;
Jelting quantity - 100 times;
The compression ratio is light, medium;
Grasp duration - 3 seconds.

Month 2-4

Your sexual organ has already adapted a little and is ready for a smooth increase in loads. You can add in the number of exercises and intensity of compression grip. Continue to follow the technique of the exercise. Pay attention to indicators of overtraining. Watch for changes in the form of the inverter and adjust your technique if necessary.

The frequency of training - 2/1 (2 days of training, 1 day of rest);
The number of jelting - 120-200 times;
Compression ratio - medium, above average;
The grip duration is 3-4 seconds.

Month 5 and beyond

Your frequency converter is already strong enough to significantly increase the load. Increase the compression ratio of the grip and hold the grip on the shaft of the penis.

The frequency of training - 2/1 or 3/1;
Jelting number - 200+ times;
The compression ratio is quite strong (but does not lead to injury to the inverter);
Grasp duration is 4-5 seconds.


The first results in the form of improved erections appear quickly enough, which cannot be said about the results in the growth of the penis, which can appear only after a few months. When doing dzhelkom should rely on the long term and not hope for a rapid increase in the frequency converter. However, dzhelk can be positioned as an exercise, resulting in the tone of the penis, and then an increase in the penis will be a nice bonus from its implementation.

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  • Lok says:

    Is it possible to do jelco at 16? Or should it be done after the final puberty?

    • Eugene says:

      If some sources are to be believed, then the Arabs (parents of jelka) begin to practice jelcom in the early period of puberty, that is, before 16 years.

      • Alexander says:

        *** Dzhelk effective only in puberty, and everything else is a waste of time! Already checked a hundred times!

        • Mandrik says:

          Alex does not break anything, so everything can be reduced to that, that our whole life is a complete stress, let us then lie down in the barrack chamber and spend time there so that nothing bothers us at all. A member of Alex in a state of erection doubles on average. The logic is that the term is the body to increase which is much easier than, for example, to build muscle, if there is no good health for playing sports. No one says that we are talking about a twofold increase, but only a small increase, compared with the original size. I don’t know how someone enlarged a member with the help of Jelka in length, I maxed out if I added a centimeter, but in my girth I would shake myself so edu that if you compare my original size and today's size, that member is just a dwarf in comparison with the present, it is certain that his fingers will not be wrapped around him, almost 17 cm in circumference, and maybe even more when he is very excited, from the original 12.5 cm it was. This is my life and if I want it I do it and it works for me. You can turn on the pump in between sessions. Day jelk. day pump. I only use sunflower oil, not any synthetic creams, shampoos or other substances with tannic or alkaline components. Yes, and doing dzhelk for 200 repetitions per day is a real perversion, if I did such a number of repetitions did at least a week, then my member would definitely stop functioning, but the head will just hurt. I do 3 times a week, no more than 10 minutes and no more than 30-40 reps, I don’t even consider them, it’s not the number of repetitions that is important, but the quality of the exercise, on a semi-erect or erect member. It feels like a slightly pulling tension in the head of the penis, you just don’t need to overdo it, or else someone can tear it off. And the second reason for Jelka's opponents is laziness to engage. And in general, if it is not yours, why say that it is not necessary to interfere with nature. Estender in comparison with Dzhelkom this is a real torture machine, that's where it is, the blue head if loopback, and as people say, who oversteady with an estender, does not take a very long time. Someone has a blue border on the head for a couple of years. Well if married and family, and so if someone young meets a girl, and he has a blue border from the silicone loop on his head, it’s not like sex. The first question will be what it is and if you are not ill with any disease. This is a problem, I think, although this is a problem in fact. And if Jelk is okay to do it correctly, how can it hurt? With a fool as they say, you can break a dick and break it, cases are not rare.

          • Roman says:

            I wonder, why did the results go exactly in breadth?
            This is of course a very cool result, well done! Such an argument will make any lady worry. It seems as if more erection is more in breadth, and more relaxed - in tension, would you agree with this based on your experience?
            And how long did it take for you to achieve this? if it was 12 and became 17, then it is probably long less than the width in the end?

        • Mandrik says:

          Dzhelk effective at any age if they do. Mostly the best effect is in people with good potency and normal levels of testosterone in the body, in this case everything goes like clockwork.

  • artur says:

    hello) I am 18 years old and a member of 13cm can be jelked?

    • Bogdan says:

      It grows up to 25 years, besides it is written that it is like a muscle, it is possible in essence and later ...
      Have you even read the top comment?

  • Dima says:

    How to understand jelking 100 times? Need to pull a dick 100 times for 3 seconds?

  • rpano says:

    Dima, wipe your eyes - a month a month!

  • horn says:

    RPANO, wipe your eyes.

  • Mixail says:

    He practiced jelco for 2 days. The right egg became bigger and hurts a little. What do you say please?

    • Eugene says:

      Take a break from classes, and in the future be careful.

  • umbrella says:

    Does anyone have a result?

  • Mixail says:

    thanks) but 2 weeks have passed the egg is also big but the pain has passed, only during masturbation it hurts a little bit what else to do or wait or go to the urologist?

    • Eugene says:

      You can still wait 1-2 weeks. If the pain does not pass, then the doctor must!

  • Abdu says:

    I am 38 years old I have about 14-15 cm.
    It's not too late for me to practice jelkom and what will be the result?
    Any lubricant can be used if so what?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Fedor says:

    It is possible to do jelk every day

  • Alex says:

    How long should a regular workout last? And how many times do you need to make hand movements during this time? (I mean upwards then interception, and again upwards!)

  • Alyosha Kropychev says:

    Where are the guarantees?

  • Victoria says:

    Hello. Guys, tell me please, my young man has a curvature of the inverter, if anyone came across, does Jelk help?

    • Ivan says:

      Dzhelk leads to the tone of the inverter, i.e. an erection, the longer the size becomes with time.
      And so I read that yes, it seems to bend, but not 100%.

  • Alexander says:

    Jelk helps very well. With my penis at 15 cm and the age of 35, I started practicing jelcom. 1 week did the first degree of load and my dick during this time became fleshy. The next 4 cm, I worked on the 2 degree of load indicated on the site and the member in a quiet state became incredibly more than before classes. The length of the penis increased to 17-18 cm, depending on the strength of the erection (in general, when the member approached orgasm, it reached 18 cm. My wife was wicked from my measurements during intercourse))). But what can I say: After that, I abandoned the jelk for 6 weeks and the member actually returned to the original state of 16 cm. So with the jelkom you can very quickly increase the member for 1-2 months, but you need to continue training to get the result.

  • Marlene says:

    Guys help me, I just started doing this, I h * en swelled is this normal? I have this happened once, but in childhood.

    • oqobo says:

      It's ok. In a couple of days he will fall off 😀

  • Ivan says:

    I only increase the fabric, please help me what am I doing wrong ??

  • Marmalade says:

    I spent about 2 years on it, I did 2/1 and there is no result !! I understand it is just pointless, I interviewed about 10 doctors (and they are quite normal) in the end I was told this is complete crap every! Answer me somebody who is doing this as much, just do not write to children from 12-18 years old so you have pipirki still growing and it makes no sense.)

  • Mushroom says:

    I do not understand! You wrote (for example, the first month) to do 100 jellations, do it at once?

  • Ivan says:

    Something seems to be all this crap, which one was born this way and will be all my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexander says:

    In theory, it should help, because the inverter is a true muscle.

  • Alik says:

    In this case, you can finish at the end of the procedure or not? Answer please.

    • Eugene says:

      Some believe that this may weaken the effect of the jelkging procedure. Although it is a controversial issue.

  • The doctor says:

    Who says that the term is a muscle - read the anatomy. In the main mass - a member of this cavernous body. The structure resembles a sponge. When blood fills the cavernous body - it swells. Muscles too, but in a minimum number of ve.

  • Artemy says:

    I did not practice dzhelkom, but I believe that with regular, long and technically correct classes, this exercise will give the result. Probably, there is a dependence on genetics, someone is growing, someone is not, but those who have normal genetics should have a result. There is a special forum, and, probably, not one where there is a sea of ​​information about the so-called NUP (natural penis enlargement), where people simply live by this and the majority have growth. Of course, not only from one jalka, but from a set of applied exercises.
    As for me, I started practicing dzhelkom, but I immediately threw, as I am a fickle person, and my size is considered normal (18 cm length, 14 cm girth), but the desire to increase, for example, to 20-21 cm and girth at 15-16 cm, I have not lost.
    I plan to buy a vacuum extender. I think it is more convenient than jelk for me personally, since I already wrote above that I am lazy and inconstant)
    Something like this.

  • Zhenya says:

    Hello everyone, I decided to try Jelk. Faced such a problem, when I pull out the first ring, my skin at the base goes all up, when I change my hand and put the ring on the already stretched base, I can’t stretch the 2nd ring anymore, it hurts, because I pulled the whole skin out at the base in the first ring! What am I doing wrong? Go

    • Eugene says:

      Abundant IF lubrication required.

  • Rukish says:

    What to do? As soon as I start practicing jelking, the member gets 100% alert! I just have to walk a couple of times with a ring, and I’m already like a sledgehammer, even if the nuts break. How to reduce an erection ??? By the way I am 17, a member of 15 cm in length, thickness 12. Answer who faced (((

  • Dima says:

    Previously, it was possible to take up the root, but now he seemed to be gone, there is nothing to undertake, to stretch, what to do? Can I pull the head?

  • Barbos says:

    Guys help, engaged jelkom and 2 eggs swelled sharply, the head turned black and lost sensitivity!

  • Jake says:

    People! Tell us how to keep the skin at the base when wet Jelka, so that there is no effect of turkey neck?

  • Vlad says:

    I will say what to do. Who writes about Dzhelka, dzhelkom never engaged. I am 37 years old and I know that the main side for naive people who took everything seriously is the stretched foreskin, and swollen eggs are just a consequence of the stretching of the foreskin. which causes the scrotum to move forward, plus the desquamation and cracking of the foreskin. Regardless of the quality of the lubricant you use, it is unrealistic to engage in such a jelly for more than two weeks And now about the pleasant. for a month of classes, I increased the circumference of the member by 1.5 cm. after the sidelines described above, I stopped the classes, the result did not roll back 2 years ago, but the thickness gain constant was 0.5 cm. Penis length 17.2 cm, 14 cm girth. Now the right technique. You must ring the foreskin back to the root of the penis, at the base of which you squeeze the ring with your other hand. We reached the base, squeezed the penis with the foreskin pulled in the ring and slowly lead to the head. Change hands and likewise do repeated jelk and so changing hands. Such jelk can be made without lubrication in general, but it is better to use lubricant anyway. And most importantly, if you want to do jelk on the girth, then the member should not be very relaxed, otherwise you will stretch it. Being engaged in a similar technique, I increased the girth of the member steadily by 1. 3 cm, now I have a girth of 15.3 cm and a length of 0.8 mm 18.2 mm. And the length is 18.2 cm with a girth of 15.3 cm. But you have to understand that a stable result will be after a rollback, so that you need to try to increase the girth and length more, well, for example, the next morning after dzhelka my member reached 16 cm in girth and I went off dzhelka gradually, now the result is fixed, but all this after unsuccessfully acquired experience. It is necessary to do it carefully not to arrange over a member of the executions. I think the method is ideal for athletes. who are familiar with systematic training and who understand the physics of this process and how to properly recover, such people seem to me in this type of increase in volume and length, will achieve maximum results. And amateurs want everything at once, as a result of which they go too far and cause themselves injuries. Be careful and do the exercises correctly.

  • Vlad says:

    Watchdog it looks like you had a sideline described by me above, if not worse, injured veins and your thrombosis could start. It is just possible to ... about what state people can bring themselves to. And with a blackened head. it is necessary not for boys. and immediately to the doctor to run away and be shy, do not need anything here and say. that Jelka is also not necessary, the disease began seriously, the specialist will understand better than any of the boys and prescribe treatment. and so if the boys ask. then the head will completely turn black and fall off.

  • Denis says:

    I read about dzhelk in some other source, began to engage intensively.
    Engaged as written in the source of 30m per day every day.
    On the third day I noticed that there was no morning erection, and in general the frequency converter became more difficult to enter into an excited state.
    But even if you try and get him to stand, the riser is weak, at least not as hard as before.
    How can I restore my erection?

  • Andrew says:

    Fuck gentlemen - and everything will be fine!

  • Alex says:

    Do not be misled! Do not self-harm. LLP can harm you a lot. Learn the anatomy of the penis. Understand this is a complex and streamlined mechanism. No need to break anything. Giving an extra load on the vessels, you can provoke an additional outflow of blood, which invariably affects erections for the worse. All good and learn to use, so that nature has given and brains. Here is the brain and you need to pump, and use a member.

  • Bauyr says:

    Dzhelk for circumcised Muslims, and here you sit and bazaar elephant horseradish. With such horseradish it is not convenient to make jelk, you can not hope for a good result.

  • Rustam says:

    What to do? As soon as I start practicing jelking, the member gets 100% alert! You have to do dzhelk 90 - 100% erection. I do every day for 25 minutes. I have only enough a couple of times to go for a little ring, and I have already at the start. How to reduce an erection ??? By the way I am 29, a member of 14 cm in length, thickness of 13.5. Answer, is it true that they say in proportion to the length and girth grows. Some say that with 100% erection, only the girth increases? And sometimes after dzhelka can not stand and finish it will affect the size?

    • Mishka says:

      Rustam, I understand when a member is hard to resist, but try putting your hands to cold water so that the blood from the penis flows to your hands, you may need to wait a bit and not think about lustful thoughts.
      But in order to finish less often, try to search for the Kegel technique.

      • ROMAN says:

        Ruslan can advise a proven method. If, during the exercise of Jelka, a strong erection, make the stand of the rider this static exercise is hard but useful (google how to do it right) and add Kegel exercises to this stock. I do not know exactly how these exercises bring down an erection, but I helped you try too.

  • Mishka says:

    Is it possible to use your saliva instead of ointment?

  • Ilya says:

    Hello, is it possible to increase dick by 30% of its original size in 6-7 months?

  • Sasha says:

    Interesting about symmetry. I understand that if you work more actively with the right one, then the right side of the inverter will be more lean and will appear to the left and vice versa.

  • Denis says:

    I remember I remember) It works men. I was engaged in Djelkom 10-13 years ago, in my youth, and stretching, twisting my friend's arms 🙂 I was then 27. At first it was 15 cm, I don’t remember how much it stretched, about half a year can-year and the member increased in girth well and became about 18 cm, with the pressure of the ruler in the groin a little and 19 cm reached. I myself went into shock that a member can be increased. I will never forget when I met the former and lay in her house, hugged her in the back and dressed in my excited dick, she says - remove your knee! 🙂
    Now the member is not stretching since then and returned to 16 cm) Sometimes Dzlekiruyu him for better erection. I can advise you not to hurry here, the main thing is to give the member a load gradually, a couple of days of training, a day or two to rest and do not forget to warm it up slightly, to lubricate it. Arnold was somehow asked - and you can enlarge the penis like the muscles of the body, he answered, of course you can, - you can swing him))
    Sorry for Russian, I'm not Russian, Moldova. All love and beautiful pumped members! 🙂

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