The question of the importance of penis size has long been troubling men. Every man wants to be “on top” in sexual relationships, everyone wants to satisfy a partner. If this does not happen, questions arise, such as “Why am I not so good in bed, maybe my penis size is not enough?”. We will try to answer this question from two sides: firstly, from the physiological side we will determine what size of a member is necessary to satisfy girls, and secondly, we will find out the opinion of women regarding the size of a member.

Does penis size matter on the physiological side?

With the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the female body, the vulva and the lower third of the vagina are the most sensitive. All the sensations a woman receives during intercourse come from these places.

Conclusion: according to the anatomical and physiological parameters, penis size does not matter.

Does penis size matter aesthetically?

It is known that the large penis looks more attractive and exciting for women, i.e. seeing a big cock, a woman expects a more promising intercourse, which excites her to a greater extent. Therefore, if a woman was offered to have sex with the same man, only with a small and large member, most likely the woman chose a man with great masculine dignity.

Conclusion: on the aesthetic side, a large member for women is preferable to a small one. From all of the above, we can conclude that the size of the penis matters only aesthetically and is not the reason why most women are not satisfied in bed.