Как научиться долго не кончать If not every man, then the majority, wants to satisfy his partner, moreover so as to be known as a giant in her eyes. Someone does not have enough knowledge of the erogenous zones of the partner, experience, someone the duration of sexual intercourse. It is the duration of sexual intercourse that most men lack, so further we will try to answer the question of concern to men: “How to learn not to finish for a long time?”.

For a start, it is important to understand that the problem of accelerated ejaculation is a problem of many men, and not just an isolated case. Most often, premature ejaculation occurs at the beginning of sexual activity, and lasts until a man receives a certain sexual experience. With the gradual recruitment of experience in sexual relationships, as a rule, the problem disappears: the man is increasingly in control of his ejaculation. But it also happens that premature ejaculation pursues a man for a long time or a lifetime. Why this happens, try to find out further.

All causes of accelerated ejaculation can be divided into two main groups: physiological, associated with various diseases or features of the functioning of organs, and psychological, arising from the psychophysical perception of the individual.

Causes of premature ejaculation

. Overexcitation Most often occurs in adolescents who are just beginning to have sex or in young men who have not had sexual discharge (ejaculation) for a long time. The peculiarity of the overexcited state is that sexual discharge can occur even before the onset of sexual intercourse (before the penis is inserted into the vagina) or after several frictions. Usually, overexcitation takes place with the experience of sexual life, and the state of constant excessive arousal is relieved by frequent sex.

. Increased sensitivity of the glans penis . Perhaps the most common cause of premature ejaculation. In many men, the head is hidden behind the foreskin, and is exposed only during intercourse. Since the head has no contact with external stimuli, its nerve endings remain sensitive to touch and caress.

Features of sexual acts with increased sensitivity of the glans penis:

  • alcohol consumption increases the duration of sexual intercourse
  • second intercourse is not much longer than the first
  • the duration of sexual intercourse is always about the same (today 2 minutes, tomorrow 2:30 minutes)
  • ejaculation occurs only with the stimulation of the penis
  • anesthetics and condoms prolong intercourse

( везикулит , простатит, уретрит, и др. половые инфекции) провоцируют раннюю эякуляцию. Various infectious urological diseases ( vesiculitis , prostatitis, urethritis, and other genital infections) provoke early ejaculation.

Features of sexual intercourse in urological diseases:

  • second intercourse is much longer than the first
  • feeling of orgasm is blurred, ejaculation can be accompanied by pain
  • drinking does not prolong sexual intercourse
  • the use of a condom and various anesthetics do not affect the duration of sexual intercourse

, при котором с каждым неудачным (быстро законченным) половым актом, идет закрепление в подсознании неудачи как нормы. Psychophysical disorder , in which with every unsuccessful (quickly completed) intercourse, failure is consolidated in the subconscious as a norm. One of the most common reasons.

Treatment of premature ejaculation or how long to stop

Stop start technique

The essence of the technique is to bring yourself to a state close to ejaculation and subsequent stopping, not letting ejaculation happen. After a pause, intended for the downturn of a strong arousal, continue the simulation and bring yourself to the pre-orgasmic state again - several times during the session. The closer the moment to ejaculation, the more effective your training will be. At first you can miss the moment of ejaculation, but with subsequent workouts, you will control it more and more. This technique can be practiced through masturbation or with a partner, after discussing the details in advance. This technique contributes to the addiction of the organism to the pre-orgasmic state and the better control of the moment of non-return (when ejaculation is not stopped). The stop-start technique takes time and perseverance, and does not give a quick result, but it is very effective.

Learn to experience multiple orgasms.

Men may experience multiple orgasms in a row without losing an erection. The fact is that orgasm and ejaculation are different processes, which in most cases occur simultaneously. Although this technique is not so easy to master, having mastered it once, you will never know what uncontrolled ejaculation is. Read more about the multiple orgasms in men .

Head desensitization

In order for the head of the penis to lose its sensitivity, it is necessary that it be in a naked state, i.e. not covered with foreskin. This can be achieved by circumcision of the foreskin , after which the duration of sexual intercourse in men increases by about 2-3 times. If you are not a supporter of circumcision, you can just keep the head in the bare state, rolling the foreskin behind it. At first, exposing the head of the penis will be inconvenient, but soon the skin of the head will harden and become less sensitive to irritation. In addition to this measure, one can rub the bare head with a tough washcloth each time while in the bath or shower, gradually making more friction, but without “fanaticism”, so as not to damage the skin.

Distraction technique

метод задержки эякуляции Try to mentally distract from the process of intercourse and think about something else. In moments of intense excitement, you can think of something unpleasant. Think about what causes you the most unpleasant feelings, and imagine it as best you can when you feel that the moment of ejaculation is rising. With deep distraction, you can completely lose an erection.

, ставших причиной ускоренного семяизвержения. Treatment of inflammatory diseases that caused accelerated ejaculation.

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  • I says:

    “Keep the head in the nude, rolling the foreskin behind it”

    Will the infection get in? After all, with a bare head increases the likelihood of infection by household means. Isn't just the foreskin just the same?

    • Eugene says:

      Quite the contrary - protects against infection. Precisely for this, circumcision is practiced by Arabs and Jews. The reproduction of bacteria actively occurs just behind the foreskin of the penis.

  • Quiet says:

    Who can prove that the stop-start technique works.

  • Machine operator says:

    The stop-start technique is a contradictory thing. After all, the essence of it is the same as to interrupt the act (a temporary delay in the movement of sperm) so that there is no “flight”. A friend of his wife fundamentally rejected the means of protection (condom), the consequences - problems with the prostate, it all ended in an operation. Optimally, to have sex as often as possible, first warn a girlfriend to prepare for several acts, take a break, wait for an erection and “fight”, then the body will be oriented so that this function (production of sperm, testosterone, the presence of an erection) works without interruption. After all, they always give an example of sailors, it’s not possible to have sex, the body goes into hibernation, well, if you wake up.
    And with active and frequent "training", the desire for sex increases and increases. One “but”, we need a reliable friend, who happily participates in the process and gets pleasure.

    • Seaman says:

      How do you know about sailors? Tried with someone and did not work? I guess he drank !!!

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