Какой нормальный размер полового члена?

Are you used to thinking that the normal size of the penis is the average size of adult film actors? In fact, the average size of the genitals is very different with this indicator. It is better to learn about this from a statistical study conducted specifically for this purpose.

Average penis size


As it turned out in numerous studies, the size of the penis in a state of erection varies from 13 to 15 cm. The study involved men who have reached puberty.

Penis length classification:

<10 cm - micropenis

10-12 cm - small penis

12-18 cm - the average penis

> 18 cm - large penis

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The average length of the penis in a relaxed state is from 7.5 to 10 cm in length. It is for these indicators that men are accustomed to comparing their virtues and drawing any conclusions from this, which is fundamentally wrong, since a small member in a relaxed state tends to increase more with erection.

Thus, a small penis in a calm state may be larger in an erection state than a member whose dimensions in a calm state exceed the size of a small member.

As for adolescents with a period of transitional age (12-16 years), the measurement of a member at this age is meaningless, because the sexual organ is in the period of active growth (increase). Active member growth continues until approximately 17 years, after which the penis ceases to grow in size or slightly increases (up to 25 years).

Girth (width)

It should be said that the size of the penis is not only its length, but also its width (girth). By the way, this parameter is even more important than the length of the penis, since it is the girth of the penis that creates sensual sensations when the penis is rubbing against the vagina. Like the length, the width of the penis can vary greatly and can range from 8 to 15 cm. The average data on penis coverage is about 12-13 cm.