All information from this article is presented on the basis of the book Mantek Chia "Taoist Secrets of Love", the materials of which are based on ancient Taoist practice.

The essence of multiple orgasms

Let's start with the concept of multiple orgasm. Multiple orgasm is the ability of a man to receive 2 or more orgasms sequentially. Since the number of consecutive ejaculations has a rather comprehensive limit and depends on the age, the hormonal background of the man and other factors, we will not consider such a variant of multiple orgasms. All attention will be paid to the theory and practice of "dry" orgasm.

The main idea: orgasm and ejaculation are different things, i.e. You can experience an orgasm without experiencing ejaculation. It is hard to believe in this, but it has already been verified by more than one generation of Taoists.

Before reading further understand that, ejaculation and orgasm are different processes that occur in most men at the same time.

So, the essence of the method: learn to separate the moment of ejaculation from orgasm. It is ejaculation that provokes a decline in erection and strength when “the pillow becomes milder than the girlfriend”. With no ejaculating or “dry” orgasm, this does not happen: your erection remains at the same level as it was, and moreover, you are charged with new energy. As one multi orgasm notes: “With ordinary ejaculation, my pleasure quickly passed. It is quite another thing when I get multiple "dry" orgasms. The pleasure can be present with me all day. In addition, it is an additional source of energy - I never get tired. Now I can afford as much sexual entertainment as I want. What more could a man want? ”

How to learn to test multiorhazm men?

To experience an orgasm without ejaculation, you need to get as close as possible to the moment of ejaculation, and stop a few moments before it, without allowing the release of semen. It is possible that at the first attempts you will break, and the seed will be ejected. But gradually, you will learn to better control your feelings, and failures will occur less and less.

To master the technique of "dry" orgasm, you need time and constant training. And in order to improve your skills to obtain a multiple orgasm, you must perform some exercises.

Stop start technique

The essence of this method was described above: as close as possible to the moment of ejaculation, and stop a few moments before it. After that, focus on the pleasant sensations that occur in your body. Every time you masturbate, you need to reach 3-4 peaks without ejaculation. And only then it will be possible to ejaculate if there is a strong desire. This exercise in itself can increase the time of sexual intercourse, and has long been recommended by sexologists around the world for patients suffering from premature ejaculation (see how to learn not to finish for a long time ). This exercise can be performed with a partner.

However, the main essence of the exercise "stop-start" is to develop their sexuality. You should not just perform mechanical movements, but study your body from the other side, learn to get pleasure from touching. Therefore, the book advises to pay attention to the whole member, and not just the head, to involve the scrotum, testicles, and other sensitive areas of your body in your games.

Sexual Muscle Training

Training pubic-coccygeal muscle can improve understanding of how to separate orgasm from ejaculation and acquire the ability to multiple orgasm. More information about pubic-coccygeal muscle and its training can be found here .

Basics of breathing

Основы брюшного дыхания The ability to control your breathing alone can teach you how to control ejaculation. In the book of Mantek Chia, the practical section on mastering multi-orgasm begins with exercises for proper breathing. The author urges to use abdominal breathing (when you breathe in the abdomen, not in the chest) and make it basic. To do this, it is proposed to perform two simple exercises.

Exercise 1 - Abdominal breathing

Exercise is designed to make your breathing abdominal and deep.

Sitting on a chair, back straight, legs shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on your stomach, relax your shoulders. Inhale through the nose and feel the lower abdominal cavity expanding at the navel, so that it bulges forward.

Relaxing the chest, exhale with some effort, straining the bottom of the abdominal cavity, as if you wanted to press the navel to the spine. Feel your cock and testicles tighten.

Perform this exercise 18 to 36 times.

A few minutes of exercise a day will eventually train your body in deep abdominal breathing even in sleep. In a fit of passion, control of breathing will help you to prevent rapid ejaculation and to feel an orgasm with the whole body.

Exercise 2 - Strengthening concentration

While exhaling and exhaling, as in Exercise 1, count to one hundred, taking inhaling and exhaling at one expense, and focusing your attention only on breathing. If you catch yourself thinking that you are thinking of something else or have lost count, start the exercise again. And so on, until you count to one hundred, without losing concentration.

In addition to training deep breathing, exercise contributes to the development of concentration. This is especially useful during times of intense arousal, when you do not want to prevent early ejaculation. Every time you feel over-excited, it’s enough to start breathing deeply and focus your attention on breathing.

For a more rapid mastery of the technique, you must truly want to experience other sensations. This approach will quickly push your body to orgasm without ejaculation. Even if you have experienced a “dry” orgasm once or twice, this does not mean that you have learned it, and now you will experience it constantly. For the full development of the technique of multiple orgasm you need some time. Most men practicing the above exercises have a multiple orgasm in a week or two, and improve their skills for three to six months.

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