Пропала эрекция во время секса

A single case of loss of erection during sexual intercourse is not a pathology, and occurs quite often among men. The main thing is not to attach importance to temporary failures and to look at this as a random event. Another thing is when one failure gave rise to a psychological disorder in which sex embarrassment happens at every sexual contact. This condition is called "Fear of anxious expectation of sexual failure (STOSN)."

Such sexual embarrassment is strongly reflected in the confidence of the man in his abilities and, as a result, can lead to fear of sexual intimacy and a complete rejection of sexual relations. To avoid this, it is necessary to determine the exact causes of loss of erection and eliminate them until they become permanent.

Causes of erection disappear during sex

1. Psychological. In the overwhelming majority of cases of the disappearance of an erection during or before intercourse, there are psychological reasons. As a rule, such reasons are individual, the most frequent of which are:

  • Unsuccessful sexual experience. Unsuccessful sexual experience postpones the imprint on the subsequent sex life of a man and may be the cause of the development of sexual phobias.
  • Self-doubt, fear not to satisfy the partner, not to meet her expectations. Quite frequent phenomena for men, strong feelings due to which may cause a decrease in potency or lack of erection at the right time.
  • Strong excitement, most often caused by self-doubt.
  • Dissatisfaction with the partner. If a girl expresses her dissatisfaction with the sexual possibilities of a man and everything connected with it (penis size, etc.), this may be the reason for the disappearance of erection.
  • Depression, stress and problems.

2. Physiological. The disappearance of erections associated with any diseases of the sexual sphere. They make up a small percentage for this situation and are typical for middle-aged and older men.

3. Household. Non-psychological causes and diseases of the causes, which include physical or mental fatigue, indifference and apathy to the partner, and more.

How to distinguish psychological problems from physiological?

If erection problems occur only during sexual contact with a partner, and alone with yourself you can cause a strong and prolonged erection without problems, then this is definitely a psychological disorder.

How to solve psychological problems with potency?

. Liquidation STOSN . Use the methods of eliminating the fear of sexual failure , which are used in their practice by sexologists.

. Determine the source of the problem . Ask yourself if your fears are valid? Try to analyze and understand why this is happening. Can you solve the problem yourself? The concept of the cause of the disease and the awareness of its inadequacy can sometimes prevail over fears.

. Enlist the support of a partner . Only one partner support can neutralize all failures. Your relationship with your partner should be based on complete trust and understanding, if in case of failure you were able to explain the situation without fear.

Those. the point is not to be afraid of failure, even if it happens! This is the key to success. If you are not afraid of failure, then it will not happen.

. Alcohol in moderation . In this case, alcohol can help: it relaxes and allows you to behave more relaxed and confident. But this does not mean that every sexual intercourse should begin with alcohol: one successful sexual intercourse in most cases is enough to get rid of complexes of sexual failure.

. Be confident . Whatever you do, these actions should strengthen self-confidence . Think about what makes you feel more confident in sexual relationships and embody it. For example, you can perform exercises to increase potency or eat products that increase potency , follow the general recommendations on health promotion. Remember that with self-doubt you feed your fears, make them more real.

If independent therapy has not brought success, contact a good sexologist, who will save you from this problem in a couple of sessions.

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  • Ivan says:

    need to be examined

    • Ivan says:

      Hello. Here I have such a problem: I meet a girl I like her madly, but I have such a problem after the first sexual intercourse, I fall and the second time it does not work out a second time because of this there is a negative attitude. Help to understand this problem. Thank.

  • Vadim says:

    Hello. I am 22 years old. I would like to get advice on how to be in this situation. The fact is that I am a virgin, I work on the Internet related to watching porn and from time to time I quench my thirst without problems. But the problem is this. A girl appeared and everything seems to be quite good, I like it wildly, I want it crazy, but when it came to sex, when I “entered the girl’s vagina,” he just lay down quickly, that is, fell, the erection went out like a candle that burned out, although before that it stood like a pod , while standing constantly while staying with a girl nearby. I am killed and shaken psychologically and morally. Tell me what to do to make it happen and this does not happen again? It is very annoying. Thank.

    • Eugene says:

      Worried! Talk to the girl, explain that I was worried, to say that you really want her, that is, to enlist her support. What is it for? To not be afraid of failure. A failure can only happen again if you are afraid of it. Enlisting the support of a girl, you remove a part of the fear from yourself. You can also try to take a little alcohol: it relaxes, removes some of the anxiety and in small quantities increases sexual desire. If nothing helped, then to the sexologist until it turned into STOSN.

  • Pavel says:

    I used to be engaged in sex with a girl continuously all the time, and then the day came, the erection does not appear, but I don’t know what to do, tell me.

  • Nick says:

    I meet with a man, he is 35 to me 25. Every time when it comes to sex, his erection disappears. He says that he is worried that there has never been such an age difference. Sex ultimately happens, but it takes a long time to bring him to his senses, because he is very worried about this. How can I help in this situation, because every time the situation is similar.

  • Dmitry says:

    It's okay ... All my life once and everything, but after the woman is completely satisfied. But in my fifty this one once without any problems ...)

  • Mary says:

    Hello. I want to ask, I am 25, I was married, with my husband in the intimate terms everything was fine (he is also 25), now I am divorced ... I live in a civil marriage with a man, he is 35, the difference in 10 years does not bother me, but there is one thing “BUT ". During foreplay, it lasts about 3-5 minutes. The man has an erection, as soon as sexual intercourse begins, the erection disappears, we are together for half a year, and every time we have such problems. It's a shame that the partner does not understand the problem and claims that everything is fine. I had sex with my ex-husband, he didn’t have such problems .... Very offensive, I don’t know how to help him, please tell me!

  • Incognito says:

    Here I have a problem, I am 18 years old, man.
    I broke up with a girl about a month ago, the first time was with her too. It was very difficult for us to endure our separation, but a month passed and I kind of thought that we had to move on and brought the girl home, the erection was, but during the very intercourse she disappeared, and it became very deft in front of the girl. With an erection, everything is fine in the morning and in general in everyday life.
    Tell me what to do, maybe some vitamins are missing?

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