Вредна ли мастурбация для здоровья мужчин? Masturbation is a process aimed at the sexual self-satisfaction of the individual. Masturbation is completely normal and occurs in men and women of different ages. Most adolescent boys masturbate during puberty, when the level of sex hormones exceeds the limit, and sexual desire is very high.

The onset of puberty in boys is characterized by a large increase in sex hormones and sexual desire, which sooner or later leads to the use of various methods of satisfaction, one of which is masturbation. Since the majority of young men of this age do not have sex with the opposite sex, almost all boys are self-satisfied through masturbation. As they grow up and the appearance of sexual relations with the opposite sex, the need for masturbation disappears or is relegated to the background. But it is not uncommon when attachment to masturbation does not pass, even with healthy sexual relationships.

In what cases masturbation will be harmful to a man?

Masturbation hurts a man’s health if uncontrolled, frequent masturbation occurs. Although the need for masturbation is individual, it is considered harmful if a man is given masturbation several times a day .

The well-known master of the Taoist school of sexology, Mantak Chia, who, in his book Sexual Secrets Who Every Man Should Know, talks about the negative impact of frequent ejaculation on a man’s health and vitality, also believes. The fact is that for the production of ejaculate the body spends its strength and gives the "building material" in the form of vitamins and minerals, thus depleting the male body.

The master notes that the life force leaves men with the seed, but satisfaction without ejaculation, on the contrary, charges the body with energy and strength (see the multiple orgasm in men and how to experience it ). The teachings of the Taoists are aimed at teaching men to control ejaculation and have fun with the help of “dry” orgasms, avoiding ejaculation.

Positive aspects of masturbation:

  • The natural way to sexual discharge.
  • It allows you to recognize sensations better, which can be useful for controlling ejaculation (for example, the stop-start technique ).

Negative side of masturbation:

  • With frequent ejaculation, the vital forces of men are expended.
  • Masturbation can cause addiction, in which onanism is the main form of sexual life.
  • Masturbating for the sake of rapid sexual discharge, a man can train himself to uncontrolled rapid ejaculation, which in sexual contacts with the opposite sex will manifest itself as premature ejaculation.

Masturbation does not affect:

  • potency;
  • weight;
  • growth;
  • penis size ;
  • skin sensitivity of the penis;
  • sperm quality and fertility in general;
  • the appearance of skin diseases and acne;
  • testosterone levels ;
  • vision.