Coming to the gym, newcomers are increasingly relying on particulars, read on social networks, or heard from a coach who is not interested in your progress. This strategy is ineffective and often does not allow you to build a decent muscle mass. And all because for the growth of muscle mass you need to rely not on particulars, but on principles that will allow you to later take into account particulars and progress at a horse pace.

Principle number 5: Technique is more important than weight

The technique with which you perform absolutely any exercise is always more important than the weight that you lift, pull or press. The fact is that the wrong technique not only leads to injuries, but also does not allow you to effectively build muscle mass. The load you want to apply to your muscles is shifted to your joints. You train your joints, not your muscles. Roughly speaking, the weight that you apply to the muscles with the wrong technique is always less than the weight that you apply to your muscles with the correct technique. If you constantly read, if you do not follow basic safety rules when performing traumatic exercises, you will not see any health or muscles.

Principle number 4: The main exercise

Bodybuilding is a system consisting of training, nutrition and recovery. By neglecting one thing, you are destroying the whole system. We cannot call the main exercise in the gym, since different exercises pump over different muscle groups with different effectiveness, however we can call the main exercise in all bodybuilding. The main exercise in bodybuilding is the ability to comply with the regime.

Principle number 3: Base plus insulation

Some amateur bodybuilders advise to forget about isolated exercises, directing all efforts to basic, multi-joint movements. At the same time, some obscurantists declare the ineffectiveness of basic exercises, calling for doing one isolation. Well, we will not even discuss the second approach. To obscurantists who lead astray novice bodybuilders out of the way, we want to burn in hell from spoiled protein, rotten chicken breasts and fake pharma. The first approach, when you “hammer” on isolation, is the place to be, if you are still a very young novice. However, practice shows that it is best to add isolated exercises to several basic exercises. For example, a bench press in any form should be added to the bench press and push-ups on the uneven bars, otherwise your triceps will not thank you. To pull-ups and a barbell in the slope, it is worth adding a barbell lift or dumbbell for biceps, otherwise biceps would be dissatisfied. It is also worth adding moves to the back of the delta, which is not actually worked out in basic exercises. You can add a wiring for the chest and twisting or lifting the legs in a hanging for the press.

There are exceptions here. The lower body absolutely does not require isolation. Add to the squats lunges or leg presses and your legs will grow without any isolation.

Principle number 2: The value of sleep can not be overemphasized

Sleep is an integral part of the regime, but it should be a little more detailed, because it is impossible to overestimate the importance of healthy sleep for a bodybuilder. If you have a choice: practice, eat or sleep, always choose the third option. However, since bodybuilding is a mode, sleep is also better in mode. Go to bed when it is dark and wake up at sunrise. According to personal feelings, I can say that in winter, on average, sleep takes an hour more. It looks like this: in the summer you fall asleep at 21.00, waking up at 5.00, while in the winter you fall asleep at 20.00-21.00, waking up at 6-7 am.

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Principle number 1: The progression of stress - the main thing in the growth of muscle mass

No matter how many times you eat, how many times you sleep, how many times you train in basic exercises, adding isolation to them, you will not achieve anything if you tread in one place in your working weights. To grow, you must constantly increase your workload. Only as you progress from workout to workout can you build muscle. Without this principle, everything we talked about today is not working.

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