How useful is walking for health?

“Movement is life” - this is how the role of natural physical stress on a person’s state is characterized. The one who understood and began to put into practice this statement took the most important step on the way to his health. The natural movement of a person is walking. It is to her [...]

Vitamins necessary for sports

When playing sports, the body needs an increased amount of micronutrients - vitamins and minerals. This is due to an increase in metabolic processes, the active elimination of substances along with sweat, the intake of certain drugs (eg, diuretics), etc. In this regard, athletes may [...]

How to choose a protein?

Protein (English protein) - a group of sports nutrition based on various sources of protein. Protein is actively used in many sports, especially in bodybuilding and fitness. The main objective of such supplements is to fill the daily requirement for protein. Proteins (amino acids) in the context of [...]

How to download biceps?

To begin with, a short course in physiology. Before us is a small muscle group that has two bundles (heads) (see Figure 1). The main function of this muscle group is the bending of the arm in the elbow joint, i.e., bringing the forearm to the shoulder of the same name. All exercises are exactly [...]

Deadlift - Implementation Technique

Today we will talk about, of course, the best exercise of all that bodybuilding can offer. It is the deadlift that involves the largest number of muscles, creating an extreme load for the body. All this prompts our body to throw a large amount of testosterone into the blood, [...]

3 weighted functional exercises

Today, most athletes come to the gym with the goal of not only increasing their muscles, but also increasing their strength. However, few people know that bodybuilding exercises build a slightly different strength. Standard lifting or bodybuilding movements increase the so-called "dead" force, almost no [...]

Is periodization (cycling) of loads necessary?

The world of bodybuilding in the information age is open to all of us. There are no longer those "white spots" that prevented the novice bodybuilder from training his body correctly. When Arnold Schwarzenegger began his studies, he trained the whole body almost several times a day, which [...]

The role of genetics in muscle growth

“Genetics does not play any role. Train harder and you will build up huge muscle mass ”- you can often hear such a phrase from various media people. Under this statement lies a huge philosophical meaning, which we will not touch upon now. Why do we need philosophy when [...]

The main reason for the lack of muscle growth

Have you noticed that people of the same physique with the same training programs very often show very different results in muscle growth? Some brutal 70-kilogram Vanya gaining 20 kilograms per year, while the same 70-kilogram "nerd" Vasya, [...]

Protein - when to use?

Protein is a dangerous substance of an incomprehensible sense, which tends to cause impotence, kidney disease and other deadly diseases. That is exactly what the absolute majority who are unfamiliar with the word “protein” thinks. Undoubtedly, the protein in itself does not carry any harm. Protein is protein, and protein is all [...]