Often, due to the tight work schedule, there is no opportunity to train outside the home. This may be due to lack of time, and the desire to get from home to the gym and then back either. Do not need. After all, a full training can be done at home, the main thing is to have appropriate sports equipment for the home . It can be dumbbells, horizontal bar, parallel bars, etc. But the best option would be to purchase a home sports complex . It will not take up much space in your apartment, and there will be a lot of use from it. So, which sports complex to choose?

Types of home sports complexes

As a rule, all home sports complexes are based on the wall bars, to which the necessary sports equipment is attached. The minimum set of such a sports complex is a wall with a horizontal bar.

Спортивный комплекс с турником

In a more complete build is the wall with a horizontal bar and bars. Bars, in turn, can be with an emphasis for the press, which will allow you to do an exercise on the press - lifting straight legs. Also, such a sports complex may have a bench under the press.

Спортивный комплекс с турником и брусьямиСпортивный комплекс с турником, брусьями и упором для прессаСпортивный комплекс с турником и скамьей для пресса

The most complete complex of such a complex includes a horizontal bar, parallel bars, a bench for a barbell, a stand for a barbell, and holders for dumbbells.

Спортивный комплекс с полной комплектацией

Types of fastening home sports complexes

Spacer. It is installed in the space between the floor and the ceiling. Plus, this design in its easy installation, as it does not require drilling in the wall under the anchors.

Wall. Fastened to the wall with anchors and has a support for the floor. Most sports complexes have exactly this type of attachment.

Hinged. It is fixed on the wall with anchor bolts, to any height from the floor. When installing such a sports complex, the consumer chooses the installation height.

распорный спортивный комплексПристенный спортивный комплексНавесной спортивный комплекс

What should be considered when buying a sports complex?

Dimensions. It is necessary to take into account the length of the installed complex and the height of the ceilings. This is especially true for complexes installed by the wall method.

Allowable load. In the passports of the product of most of the sold complexes there is information about the permissible load (100 kg or more). Check with the seller before purchasing the product the permissible load on the product.

Complete set. It depends on the configuration which sports equipment will be located on the sports complex, and, accordingly, the type of your training. In the configuration you can both increase the number of sports equipment and remove unnecessary ones.

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