The V-shape is the dream of every man. The V-shaped figure is what allows to distinguish a man from a woman from afar. If a woman has a normal pelvis wider than her shoulders, then a man’s shoulder girdle should be wider than the pelvis and waist. And the wider and more massive the shoulder girdle, the better. But how to create such a figure?

Who is this article for?

This article is for those people who do not have the time and / or desire to go to the gym. This article is for men who want to get a male figure, but do not know exactly how to do it.

What do you need?

You will need about 600–1000 rubles and a puncher. For 600-1000 rubles you buy a horizontal bar (see types of horizontal bars for the house ), and using a perforator, attach it to the wall at home. Moreover, if you suddenly did not have either 600 rubles or a perforator, then you can simply go outside and, having found the first horizontal bar, begin to do what we will talk about further. If you do not have either 600 rubles, or a perforator, or a horizontal bar near the house, then stop reading this article now. Better make yourself a ham and cheese sandwich or go to McDonald’s.

Why do all men strive for a V-shape?

According to the theory of evolution, before our ancestors moved through the trees, performing movements similar to the current pull-ups. As a result, it has been postponed in the genetic memory of a person since that period that the V-shaped figure, which was formed as a result of such movements, is a sign of a gaining male. The more the male of that time climbed trees, the more V-shaped his figure seemed. And the more V-shaped his figure, the better he is the getter. Consequently, the more respect for this individual in the pack and the more females pay attention to him.

Pull-ups are an analogue of ancient movements.

Pulling up on a horizontal bar is the closest exercise to how human predecessors moved in those times. Therefore, it develops the same muscles and creates the same V-shaped figure.

How to pull up correctly?

You need to pull up to your chest, slightly deviating your body from the crossbar. In addition, pull up with a wide (Fig. 1) and medium (Fig. 2) grip, do not put your hands too narrowly, as in this case the load will shift to the biceps. Then it all depends on your training. It is advisable to do up to 10 sets in one training day. Each approach should have 8–12 repetitions. When you can reach these indicators, take additional weight and pull up with it. If you do this exercise correctly, then over time your shoulders and back will become slightly wider, and your biceps will grow. You will get a V-shape.

Подтягивания широким хватом

Fig. 1 - Tightening wide chest grip

Подтягивания средним хватом

Fig. 2 - Tightening middle chest grip

When to wait for the result?

If you assume that you are an average ectomorph (skin and bone), then you can expect the first results in 3 months. If you have more than 100 kilograms, your waist is wider than your shoulders, and you do not know how to pull up, then the first results will appear in a year or two after the start of training. So think about whether you should strive for something, create some kind of V-shaped figure, if you can close this article right now and make yourself another sandwich?

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