The world of bodybuilding in the information age is open to all of us. There are no “white spots” that prevented the novice bodybuilder from training his body correctly. When Arnold Schwarzenegger began his studies, he trained his entire body almost several times a day, which did not lead to significant progress in training. Arnold didn’t know about any professional secrets, he didn’t even know that for muscle growth it was necessary to allow them to recover, and without proper nutrition this growth is impossible in principle. This understanding came to Arnold with experience and was transmitted from more experienced comrades, who at that time understood bodybuilding more than the future Mr. Olympia.

Арнольд Шварценеггер на тренировке

But with the advent of the XXI century, bodybuilding has undergone a number of changes. All information is now contained in the public domain, however, to everyone's surprise, the current newcomers have even more problems than newcomers of the Golden Era. The amount of information makes you drunk, and capitalist journals often offer the reader not particularly reliable information, which leads to the fact that novices do not have progress.

What is cycling?

Today we will plunge into just one small particular from the world of iron sport. This little particular is cycling. So, cycling is training within certain cycles. For example, in the fall you are doing purely strength work, training in the range of 1 to 4 repetitions, choosing the perfect diet for yourself, while purchasing vitamins for the joints and taking with you the person who will insure you while in the winter you work “on a lot ”- exercise in the range of 4–8 repetitions, eat portions of your parents, friends and girls who will be forced to go on a diet. In the spring, you “dry”, working in a multi-repetitive mode and limiting yourself in carbohydrates, and in the summer, for example, you arrange yourself for the off-season and do whatever your heart desires. Here, of course, it all depends on your individual preferences, and the cycles can last several weeks, not 3 months, but these are particular ones that you need to go into only when you have finally decided to switch to load cycling.

What is the difference between a beginner and a professional athlete?

I hope you already press under 150 kilograms and crouch under 300? If not, then I hurry to disappoint you: cycling is clearly not for you. Why? Because this technique has nothing to do with beginners and ordinary lovers. Cycling is often used by professional athletes who have already reached their genetic limit and, at the same time, jumped even higher using pharmacology. Moreover, if you do not have a trainer, then cycling will only harm you.

Циклирование нагрузок

The growth of muscle mass, as well as the growth of power results, is a very “thin” process that requires scrupulous adherence to the regime and control over the results. For example, you started cycling the load, gained 10 kilograms for an incomplete cycle (a cycle without “drying”) and added 30 kg to the result in the bench press. Then you "dried up", dropping 12 kilograms, and your bench fell sharply by 40 kg. You are not a sportsman and you are not insured from stresses at work, exams that do not allow you to eat properly or from your own ignorance of certain processes in bodybuilding. Therefore, if you are not a professional, then after completing the cycle, you may be surprised to find that you have returned to the original result.

Decide what you need

If your goal is competition, and you have already chosen a career as a bodybuilder for yourself, then cycling, if you're not a novice (newcomers of a straightforward progression are enough for growth), is what you need. However, if you are just an amateur who wants to surprise girls on the beach in the summer, or just become more than other guys, then there is no special point in cycling. And we are talking about complex cycles, as well as banal “mass-drying”. Why get extra health problems, stuffing a huge amount of food in yourself, and then spend the summer in a semi-conscious state, trying to get rid of excess fat ? If you are not a professional athlete with an impressive muscle mass, then the result of cycling will be the same as without it. Just in the winter you will not be fattening and take away food from your loved ones, and in the summer it will not be a pity to look at you during the regular carbon-free run.


Despite all the above arguments, it’s your body and only you can decide what to do with it. Therefore, if you have firmly decided to test the cycling of loads, then find yourself a good coach and go for it! Don't let this article stop you.

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