Did you notice that people of the same physique with the same training programs very often show quite unequal results in the increase in muscle mass? Some brutal 70-pound Vanya gains 20 kilograms per year, while the same 70-pound “nerd” Vasya, training according to the same program as Vanya, does not gain 5 pounds in a year. Everyone in these young people is the same, except character. Therefore, Vasya’s mild nature is to blame for Vasya’s failures? No, the blame is that this mild character has formed.

Почему не растут мышцы?

Why girls can not build muscle mass?

Have you noticed that girls, no matter how hard they tried in training, no matter how they observed the regimen, can not build the same muscle mass as men? Yes, there are girls bodybuilders, but this is an exception, which we will discuss in a few sentences below. The fact is that in girls the hormone responsible for the increase in muscle mass is present in very small quantities. This hormone - testosterone - the male sex hormone. That is why a man who has been practicing effectively in the gym for less than a year will be superior in muscle mass to a woman who has been training for 15–20 years. Girls who decide to become professional bodybuilders understand this and use the analogues of male sex hormones - steroids.

Testosterone is not enough

However, not all men have testosterone in sufficient quantities. Undoubtedly, most men have enough testosterone to maintain sexual function in an acceptable condition, as well as to ensure that the voice is masculine and the body hair grows. However, this is not enough. Men with high testosterone levels are more energetic and aggressive. This helps them in training, allowing them to build muscle mass faster and more efficiently.

Whoever said that ...

If a girl can't build muscle without testosterone, then why should a man be capable of it? At least some “gurus” think so, who consider that the main thing in muscle growth is food and the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates (BJU), which must be calculated using kitchen scales and a calculator. Well, testosterone ... because you still will not rise without steroids, why think about it once again? Undoubtedly, everyone has the right to their opinion, but practice shows that nothing affects the growth of muscle mass, as testosterone levels. You can not calculate the ratio of BJU, you can eat not quite right, not to sleep (all this will eventually reduce your testosterone, so it is better to follow all the rules), but if you have enough testosterone, you will still grow. If there is no testosterone, then do not follow the established rules, there will be no gains.

Male God Testosterone

Testosterone is the main hormone in the life of any man. The concentration of this hormone in the blood affects both the personal qualities of a man and his muscle gains. You can read all the bodybuilding books, you can follow the perfect technique, buy a kitchen scale, save exactly 9 hours, and think about muscle growth during a workout, but all this will not do anything to you if you have low testosterone . At the same time, the presence of testosterone corrects your shortcomings in the training program, allows the body to “close its eyes” to an unhealthy diet and helps you recover normally, not sleeping 2-3 hours every day. Having a high level of testosterone, you can achieve everything without making significant efforts. At the same time, with a low level of the main male hormone, you can make great efforts without achieving anything.

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