Protein is a dangerous substance of an incomprehensible sense, which has the ability to cause impotence, kidney disease and other deadly diseases. That’s what the absolute majority, unfamiliar with the word “protein,” thinks so. Undoubtedly, the protein in itself does not bear any harm. Protein is protein, and we all use protein every day. And nothing, despite the presence of protein in our diet, we are still alive. Therefore, protein can be taken. It is possible, but is it necessary?

Протеин и его роль в питании

Who needs protein?

First of all, the protein is needed by corporations that are engaged in its production. No, we will not blame the "bloody" capitalists in the thirst for profit - they earn honestly. The capitalists buy the raw materials, process them, pack them in beautiful jars and sell them to you. Here everything is honest, no one is deceiving anyone. Another thing is that the protein from natural products is not only more tasty, but also cheaper. It is much tastier and cheaper to eat fish, eggs, cheese, seafood or various meats than flavored protein. So if you're an ordinary person, you don't need protein in beautiful capitalist jars.

The only exception

The only time that you really need protein is not enough time for proper nutrition. For example, you work in a mine. Or you are a president who doesn’t even have time for food. Of course, if Vladimir Vladimirovich suddenly reads this article, he should understand that during long negotiations, whey protein can be an indispensable thing. The president needs a balanced diet in order to competently manage the country and negotiate, and time for this food is not always enough. However, most likely, dear reader, your last name is not Putin, so you can eat natural foods without using protein in your diet.

If you have time for a balanced diet, but there is no desire, while you have extra money, you can buy yourself a treasured jar of protein. But know, 50 grams of protein from a beautiful western package will give you no more than 200-250 grams of juicy chicken fillet. Of course, you can get protein from jars - it will definitely not harm you, but you shouldn’t have any myths about protein making you a muscular guy. This is the same food as the foods you eat daily.

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