“Genetics plays no role. Practice harder and you will build up huge muscle mass ”- you can often hear such a phrase from different media people. Under this statement is a huge philosophical meaning, which we will not touch on now. Why do we need philosophy, when this statement is a lie?

Excuse for the lazy

The fact is that the statement “Genetics is bad for me, therefore I’m not growing” often serves as an excuse for lazy bodybuilders who don’t want to work in the gym the way they need to work to gain at least a kilogram of muscle mass. I declare responsibly: absolutely everyone can train his body through exercise. Now "bad genetics" plays the role of justification, so you can understand those famous bodybuilders who say that genetics does not play a role. However, this does not negate the fact that they lie to you.

Бодибилдер и его брат геймер!

What does genetics affect?

First and foremost, genetics affects the rate of muscle growth. Can all be pumped up! Everyone can gain 10–20 kilograms of lean muscle mass! However, it will take a couple of years for a genetically gifted person, and for those whom nature has not rewarded with excellent genetics, it will take 5–10 years. Well, who in this case will say that genetics does not affect the rate of muscle growth? Genetics is what directly determines the growth rate of your muscles. Genetics and testosterone. Everything else is of secondary importance.

Genetics affect the genetic maximum.

Look at the main bodybuilding contest "Mr. Olympia." Almost all the finalists, all the winners of the last Olympiad are black. There are only black bodybuilders on stage, and then someone tells us that everyone can become the first bodybuilder in the world. No, a white man can win "Mr. Olympia" only if there is an incredible willpower and the presence of positive genetics, as well as the absence of the same genetics from a nearby black bodybuilder. What to say about amateurs, if among professionals sometimes the difference is visible to the naked eye?

Genetics affect the predisposition to the growth of individual muscle groups

And this is our most interesting. If everyone guessed about the genetic maximum and speed of muscle growth, then the majority had no predisposition to the growth of individual muscles. For example, your pectoral muscles respond to the load much better than your lats. As a result, you become the owner of gorgeous pectoral and mediocre backs. Of course, you could wrongly pull up or not pay enough attention to your back, but other things being equal, some muscle groups will always grow better than others.

Admit it

Recognize the effect of genetics on your muscle potential and squeeze the maximum out of it. Do not give up on your goals, even if you have an objectively bad genetics. Bad genetics does not mean that your dreams will not come true. Bad genetics means that you have to fulfill these dreams at a higher level of complexity. Therefore, do not despair. Work on yourself using the information received today. Pay more attention to lagging muscle groups, do so much to increase muscle growth, how many others, even professional bodybuilders, do not, and you will reach your goal, possessing even the most disgusting genetics. Undoubtedly, it will be difficult for you to win “Mr. Olympia”, but bad genetics will definitely not prevent you from building up impressive muscle mass.

About those who could - 5 examples of transformation!

Примеры успешных трансформаций (фото 1)

Примеры успешных трансформаций (фото 2)

Примеры успешных трансформаций (фото 3)

Примеры успешных трансформаций (фото 4)

Примеры успешных трансформаций (фото 5)

Звезда бодибилдинга!

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