Often there are situations when there is no time for playing sports, but desires are more than enough. And in this situation, training at home will be the best option, and for training to bring maximum benefit, you need special sports equipment for the house . Of course, you can perform exercises with its own weight, but the complex of such exercises is very limited and does not allow you to work on all muscle groups. The ideal option would be a power sports simulator for the house.

Types (equipment) of power sports simulators for home

Multifunctional sports simulators for the house have a similar design, but a diverse set of power stations. As a rule, the choice of one or another simulator by the buyer depends on the type of exercises performed.

Types of exercises performed at the power simulators

Imitation of a press of a bar (a press from a breast)
Routing (butterfly stroke)
Upper thrust
Lower thrust
Leg extension in the knee
Lifting the biceps (Scott's bench)
Overlap on the leg (for the muscles of the buttocks)
Leg press

Before choosing a power trainer, make sure:

For their own purposes. Strength training equipment designed to workout muscles and not designed for weight loss. Although the dosed power load can also be used to lose weight and give the body relief forms, it will be less effective than aerobic exercises on cardiovascular equipment . If you decide to add cardio-training to power loads, then you should take care of choosing a cardio equipment for the house .

Will you be able to allocate enough space to install the simulator. This can be done by first knowing the dimensions of the instance you like and “estimate” where it will be installed.

What is guided when choosing a power simulator for the house?

Quality. Buy only high-quality sports equipment of well-known and reputable companies in proven stores, in order to avoid fakes. Be sure to test the simulator by doing a few exercises on it. Movement when performing exercises should be smooth, without a feeling of engagement. For comparison, try several simulators in action, starting with the most expensive. Feel the difference between simulators. Ask yourself the question of which power trainer you prefer to do.

Equipment. Ask sellers about the equipment of this equipment. Decide for yourself which power stations you would like to see on your power simulator, because your occupation depends on it. Ask if extensions to the basic configuration are possible. It is also necessary to find out the weight of the loads included in the kit in order to know what maximum load you can set during the session on the simulator.

Silent work. A very important indicator of a power simulator for the home is its quiet operation.

Purchase terms. A prerequisite for the purchase of a simulator is a warranty period. Some stores can give a certain period of use of the product, after which it is possible to return the simulator, if it did not fit you.

Maximum user weight. Pay attention to the weight limit of the user. For power trainers, this is usually a value of 135 kilograms or more.

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