Спортивный инвентарь для дома Many men have enough time to train in the gym, but you want to have a strong and taut figure. You can get out of this situation if you conduct a training session at home. Home exercises for men involve working with your own body weight, and if such an exercise as push-up does not require sports equipment, then pull-up on the crossbar or push-up on the uneven bars without the appropriate equipment is not performed. Next, about the sports equipment for the home, which will make training more diverse and effective.


Probably the easiest, most popular and effective sports equipment, both for homework and training in the gym. Dumbbells allow you to pump all muscle groups, as well as perform various kinds of exercises. In addition, they do not take up much space, such as a barbell.

Dumbbells are non-collapsible (cast) and collapsible (composite). Collapsible dumbbells are more preferable for training, as they allow you to adjust the training weight by removing or adding pancakes to the barbells.

Horizontal bar

The horizontal bar is a sports equipment that allows you to pull up. Pull-ups are an excellent basic exercise with their own weight, allowing you to increase strength and cause muscle growth. Pulling up with a different grip, you can vary the loaded muscles, making workout more effective.

Horizontal bars for home are:

  1. Wall mounted. Without a wide grip and with a wide grip.
  2. Door. Installed in the thrust doorway.
  3. Hinged. Fixed to the ceiling.
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  5. Hinged for the Swedish walls and sports complexes.

Parallel bars

Bars are another sports equipment for the home, which does not take up much space and benefit from which. Pushups from the bars give a terrific result on the growth and strength of the pectoral, shoulder muscle groups, as well as the triceps.

Types of installation bars:

  1. Wall mounted. Bolted to the wall
  2. At the counter. Bars secured to the rack
  3. Hinged. Mounted on the Swedish wall and other sports complexes.

Inclined bench press

The inclined bench is more an additional sports equipment than necessary, but, undoubtedly, the use of a bench for the press will improve athletic performance by training the press.

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