Упражнения для ягодиц It turns out that not only men pay attention to women's buttocks, women also do not mind admiring the elastic male ass. Scientists have found that women at the subconscious level are most interested in the appearance of men, the width of the shoulders, the shape and volume of the buttocks. This is confirmed by a survey that was conducted among women, in which the majority voted for the male buttocks.

Why buttocks, but not biceps or a press? This is a logical explanation. Men with small and elastic buttocks are considered to be more successful lovers in bed, as they can perform more powerful frictions due to her than men whose gluteus muscles are not developed. So all men who want to have an attractive "fifth point" need to do special exercises on the formation of elastic buttocks.

Exercises with the burden for the buttocks

Squatting with barbell or dumbbells

It is necessary to perform deep squats so that your thighs and calves are in contact, while keeping your back straight and not lifting your heels off the floor. If your level of flexibility does not allow you to do a full squat, squat as deep as you can. The same exercise can be performed by squatting with dumbbells, following the technique of doing the exercise, as shown below.