Утренний бег - тренировка для здоровья Running is a type of physical activity in which almost all the muscles of a person are involved. In addition to running, only swimming can be involved in the work of all the muscles of the body. But since swimming requires a hike in the pool or on the pond, jogging is the most accessible and useful form of physical activity.

The benefits of morning running for health

Running not only strengthens the external muscles, it also has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, strengthening the cardiovascular system and making the heart stronger and healthier. The heart is the “motor” of the organism, whose work affects the work of the whole organism and in many respects determines the state of health of the individual. Together with the improvement of the work of the heart increases efficiency. With systematic running, saturation of the heart and body cells with oxygen is improved, the ability of the lungs to most effectively take oxygen from a smaller amount of air develops.

An excellent regulator of blood pressure is running: for people involved in running, increased pressure decreases to normal limits, reduced pressure increases.

Anyone who suffers from increased irritability or constant stress is shown running, as it has a calming effect. In trained people, heartbeats (pulses) are less common than in untrained ones, which means not only the economical work of the heart muscle, but also that it is easier for such people to control themselves and control their emotions.

Утренний бег поднимает настроение Another positive aspect that provides the soothing properties of running is the increased release of the hormone endorphin when running. Endorphin is a hormone produced in the neurons of the brain that can suppress pain and affect the emotional state of an individual. The hormone endorphin gives a person a feeling of joy and euphoria, physical and moral satisfaction, therefore endorphin is called the “hormone of joy”. Feelings that causes a rush of endorphin, I want to get again and again, it's like a natural drug for the body. As proof of this, surveys were conducted among men who have been running for a rather long time in the morning. As a result of surveys, most of these men would never want to miss their workout and would even prefer running to morning sex.

Running can be one of the measures for losing weight, because it helps to burn excess fat and speeds up the metabolism. If for women, small fat deposits are only a cosmetic defect, then the abdomen in a man can be a cause of male health problems. The fact is that excess weight in men reduces the level of the male hormone testosterone and increases the level of female sex hormones in the body of a man , which leads to a violation of sexual function. Therefore, running is definitely shown to overweight men, as one of the measures of weight loss.

Healthy running rules

Perform a warm-up . Warm-up is needed to protect yourself from injury and for the "inclusion" of the body in the work. First of all, to perform a further run, the joints and muscles of the legs should be stretched, i.e. those joints and muscles that account for the main load.

Gradual load . The heart does not like sudden changes in physical activity, it must be gradually "included" in the work, starting with a small load. For example, if you run in the morning, recently got out of bed and immediately ran at an average pace - this will seem to your heart a sharp increase in load. The ideal option would be to start with a warm-up, then with walking, gradually increasing the pace and moving to a slow run. The same applies to the completion of the run: finishing the run, gradually go to a slow run, then to walk, so as not to stop abruptly.

Moderate intensity and frequency of classes . If you are just starting to run, in order to avoid overloads, exercise no more than 3 times a week with a moderate pace of running and a short distance. As trained, gradually increase the distance traveled or the pace of running. Remember, training should not bring a feeling of fatigue, but rather contribute to a surge of strength.

Do not run on a full stomach . Any sports activities should take place on an empty stomach.

The best time to run

In fact, the person himself determines when it is most convenient for him to run. The only time not suitable for training is the middle of the day. Morning jogging will give you a charge of vivacity for the whole day, and the evening ones will relieve tension after the working day and prepare your body for sleep. If you decide to run in the morning, do not forget to gradually include the body in the work, and in the evening it is worthwhile to perform a workout at least 1.5-2 hours before going to bed.

Attention! Before you start to run, you must consult and undergo a medical examination, be sure to people suffering from any cardiovascular and other diseases of a chronic and non-chronic form.

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