Утренняя зарядка для мужчин – важная составляющая мужского здоровья Morning exercise for men is not only a way to keep your physical and sexual health at the proper level, but also to feel vigorous and active all day long. Charging has a number of positive properties, helps your body to wake up faster and get involved in the work.

Before you engage in morning exercises, it is necessary to clarify a few important points in order that the exercises are beneficial, and not vice versa.

Good charge rules

Do not exercise from training. Do not allow your charge to become a full-fledged workout, otherwise it may cause some harm. It is not necessary after waking up and easy warm-up, do heavy physical exercise. The fact is that the heart cannot abruptly switch from one mode to another. Such sharp jumps from a state of rest to heavy physical activity are fraught with gradual weakening of the heart muscle.

Make sure your body is ready for physical exertion. To get out of bed and start warming up immediately would be wrong. Get up, walk around a little, wash your face, drink a glass of water and only then begin to warm up. Warm-up should start with small muscle groups such as hands, neck muscles, elbow joints, gradually moving to larger muscle groups.

Find out what your charging purpose is. If charging acts as a quick way to wake up, then you can restrict yourself to an easy warm-up of various muscle groups. If you expect physical improvement of your body from charging, then you need to include physical exercises to develop the muscle groups you need.

The complex of warm-up exercises for morning exercises

  1. The rotation of the brushes. Squeeze the hand into a fist and start to rotate the brush first in one, then in the other direction. Alternatively, you can clasp your palms together and make rotational movements.
  2. The rotation of the neck. Lower the chin on the chest. From the initial position we begin the rotational circular motion, first in one, then in the other direction.
  3. The rotation of the elbows. Extend your arms forward in front of you and start rotating your forearms first towards yourself, then away from you. A more complex version of the exercise: simultaneous rotation of the forearms in different directions.
  4. Rotation of the shoulder joint. The arms are bent at the elbows, the fingers touching the shoulders. We begin the rotational motion, without lifting the fingers from the shoulders.
  5. Rotation of the pelvis. Hands on a belt, legs on width of shoulders. We begin a circular rotation of clockwise and counterclockwise.
  6. Torso forward. Feet shoulder width apart. We begin to reach down, trying to touch the floor with your fingers. A more difficult option: try to touch the floor with the inside of the palm.
  7. Tilts to the side. Hands on a belt, legs on width of shoulders. We bend the body first to one side and then to the other side, without tearing off the legs from the floor and raising the arm above the head.
  8. Twisting. Hands in front of him about 20 cm from the body, bent at the elbow, palms touching each other. We begin to turn the torso by 180 degrees and more in one and the other side, without taking the feet off the floor. Only the trunk is involved in the turn, the legs remain in place. Try to create a maximum level of rotation.

If your goal is to make the body wake up and improve its work in order to feel vigorous and full of energy the whole day, then warm-up exercises will be quite enough. But if you want to improve your physical condition a little, then the following set of exercises is for you.

Complex exercises for morning exercises

  1. Squats. We try to squat as deeply as possible, without taking the feet off the floor and keeping your back level.
  2. Raising the torso. The classic exercise on the press, allowing you to work on the upper and middle press. For a more effective effect on the muscles, you can alternate turns of the body in different directions.
  3. Push ups from the floor . They have a number of variations and effectively load the pectoral muscles and triceps.

Also in the morning exercises for men, you can add a set of exercises with dumbbells, but only with low or medium weight, in order to put into work all the muscles.

Special exercise for men

Any exercises that improve blood circulation in the pelvis , have a positive effect on male hormones and sexual function. Some of them are already included in our warm-up complex (pelvis rotation, inclinations). But there are specialized exercises aimed at training the male pubic-coccygeal muscles . It is enough to perform 10 high-quality repetitions of LK-muscle tension in order to improve the fitness of this area.

. Remember, the main rule: do not turn the exercise into a workout . Charging is precisely why charging is called, because it must “charge” your body for a working day.

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  • Kostya says:

    What you need for the morning. Warm up + a small load before the workday. Or before a fun weekend 🙂

  • Christina says:

    I did not think that there is a separate charge from women! I agree that you can not turn the exercise into a workout! In the mornings, my husband can hear him breathing in the room, the press is pumping until it is blue, and I’ll get out of bed if my eyes get darker in the eyes)) What kind of exercises will I get? Men, how much time do you spend on charging?

    • Sasha says:

      On average - 20 minutes.

  • Travis says:

    Point 8 is extremely strange:
    “Hands in front of you are about 20 cm from the body, bent at the elbow, palms touching each other.” Do we pray or stretch? Why not just hold hands, so that the palms were parallel to the floor?
    “We are starting to turn the torso 180 degrees and more in one and the other side, without taking the feet off the floor.” The author clearly does not know what 180 degrees are. And this, for a moment, the turn of the body in the opposite direction. Human physics will not allow to reproduce this.

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