The horizontal bar is the most common (after dumbbells) sports equipment for the home , and one of the most effective. Pulling up is a basic exercise, as many muscles are involved in the exercise. The main load during tightening falls on the muscles of the back and arms. The horizontal bar will also be useful for the health of the spine, because the hanging on the crossbar in a relaxed state reduces the pressure of the intervertebral discs and contributes to the formation of a beautiful and healthy posture. The multiple choice of types of horizontal bars for the house, will help to pick up a horizontal bar under your needs.

Types of horizontal bars for home workouts


The horizontal bar is attached to the wall with anchor bolts. The main indicators are: permissible load, length of the crossbar, distance of the crossbar from the wall.

Wall horizontal bars come in various variations:

classic (the possibility of pulling up only with medium and narrow grip, if the length of the crossbar is not sufficient)

турник настенный классический

with a wide grip (there are handles for tightening a wide grip)

турник с широким хватом

with neutral grip (there are handles for pulling up with neutral grip)

турник настенный с нейтральным и широким хватом

with parallel bars and press stop

турник с брусьями и упором для пресса


Spacer horizontal bar in the doorway

турник распорный в дверной проем

This horizontal bar does not require various fixtures (it is not necessary to drill the holes for fastening with bolts), as it is installed in the spacer. Disadvantages of use are residual marks on the door frame.

Spacer horizontal bar between the walls

Распорный турник между стен

Installed between the walls on the anchor bolts. Before buying such a horizontal bar it is necessary to agree on the length of the horizontal bar and the width of the opening between the walls.


The horizontal bar is installed on the ceiling with bolts.

Ceiling horizontal bar

Турник потолочный обычный

Horizontal bar adjustable ceiling (adjustable crossbar to the ceiling)

Турник потолочный регулируемый

Ceiling horizontal bar with a different capture

Ceiling horizontal bar with a different capture

Hinged horizontal bar

Fastens on the Swedish wall or various sports complexes

Турник навесной

Also there are combinations of a hinged horizontal bar and bars

Турник с брусьями навесной

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