Цинк и тестостерон Why zinc is so important in the production of testosterone. The answer is very simple: zinc is a building material for the testosterone molecule. Simply speaking there is no zinc - there is no testosterone.

The main properties of zinc:

1. Is a building material for the testosterone molecule.
2. Supports about 500 biochemical reactions
3. Increases sperm motility
4. Suppresses the enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen
5. Promotes rapid healing of wounds.
6. Strengthens the immune system, has an antiviral effect

Why not enough zinc?

It is rather difficult to get a daily dose of zinc from products, besides a number of substances affect its absorption. For example, phytin contained in plants - in germinating barley, rye, cereal grains, soy beans, beet leaves, etc., reduces zinc absorption. Calcium contained mainly in dairy products reduces the absorption of zinc by half. Alcohol, coffee and strong tea remove zinc from the body.

In our ecological situation, almost everyone lacks zinc, so you should take care of the presence in the diet of foods containing zinc or artificially introducing zinc into the body in the form of dietary supplements or vitamin-mineral complexes .

Sources of Natural Zinc Content

Products containing zinc: seafood (shrimps, squid, anchovies), fish (trout, perch, saury, salmon), oysters, parsley, garlic, wheat bran, nuts (walnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts), pumpkin and sunflower seeds .

Daily dose of zinc for men: 15-20 mg.

Zinc preparations

High-dose zinc is toxic. Therefore, do not exceed the dose specified in the preparation. You should also remember to take certain foods that reduce the absorption of zinc. Do not take zinc with dairy products, coffee, alcohol and strong tea.

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  • Comment author says:

    “Why zinc is so important in the production of testosterone. The answer is very simple: zinc is a BUILDING MATERIAL for the testosterone molecule. "
    Further reading the article no longer makes sense.

    • Passer says:

      Why doesn't it make sense? We are clever, comrade? I'm not so hot a chemistry connoisseur, but smart people say this: there are inorganic and organic molecules, including the testosterone molecule (it’s not like a cholesterol molecule). This molecule really exists and is very complex. It contains various chemical elements, including zinc.

      • Vasya says:

        C19H28O2 - formula of testosterone molecule. Where did you find zinc?

        • Sergey says:

          And silence…. I read the cooked article somewhere and that's it. How many fans to create a website and not working to sit at home cutting off money for advertising.

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