How is testosterone produced in men?

Androgens are steroid hormones that are responsible for the male principle: the growth and functioning of the reproductive male system, the maintenance of a normal sperm level and distinctive male characteristics in appearance. Testosterone secretion and regulation Where is testosterone produced? The main source of testosterone in the body are [...]

What is the difference between free and total testosterone?

The laboratory determination of testosterone hormone in the blood, the most important androgen in men, in many diseases has not only important diagnostic and prognostic value, but also therapeutic and prophylactic. The hormone is synthesized from cholesterol and acetic acid. In men, it is produced in testicles by the cells of Leydig [...]

We determine the level of testosterone in men - external signs, blood, saliva

Androgens are male hormones that are excreted by the cells of the testicles and the adrenal cortex. These biologically active substances take part in puberty, determine libido, partially affect the growth and proportion of the body, metabolism, the work of the central nervous system. The main acting androgens in men are [...]

Dihydrotestosterone in men - function, norm and pathology

One of the representatives of androgens is the active hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This substance is formed from free testosterone and androstenedione in peripheral tissues under the action of enzyme systems. DGT is the strongest of all natural male sex hormones. In men, this androgen: promotes development [...]

Aromatase inhibitors for men - natural and medicinal products

The appearance of a man, his libido, muscle strength and even metabolism depend on the balance in the body of sex hormones (androgens and estrogens). The level of these biologically active substances is affected by many factors. Of great importance is heredity, age, physical activity, the presence of bad habits, excess [...]

How to test for testosterone

Testing for testosterone is one of the most important indicators of men's health. Read about the correct preparation for the analysis, its interpretation and additional hormonal examinations that increase the accuracy of diagnosis. Rules of preparation for analysis on testosterone levels Important! The laboratory may refuse the analysis in [...]

What testosterone to take - general or free?

Laboratory tests of testosterone level are the main methods of examining men with pathology of the reproductive system. These studies are usually conducted in the morning to fix the maximum level of sex hormones. Hormonal examination in men with suspected sexual and reproductive disorders always includes [...]

When is testosterone required?

Testosterone is undoubtedly one of the most important hormones of a man, responsible not only for sexual and reproductive function, but also affecting the work of virtually all body systems. But in addition to testosterone, the body has many other systems and hormones, no less important for normal [...]

Finger length, testosterone and behavior

Certain options for behavior, temperament, inclinations, are laid in a person before birth, the rest he acquires, hitting a certain social environment, through self-education and the development of certain qualities. Can you determine the behavior of a person and his inclination, not seeing his face, but [...]

Natural preparations for increasing testosterone

Choose any, but not both: nettle root extract or indole-3-carbinol (I3C). Nettle root extract There are many names for this particular plant: the root of stinging nettle, Urtica radix, Urtica dioica radix. It is important to buy an extract that is extracted from the root, and not from the stem, [...]