What is fractional nutrition? Fractional nutrition is when you break a meal into more stages. That is, do not eat 3 times a day, as usual, and certainly not once a day, as they did in ancient Rome. With split meals, you eat at least 5 times a day. This does not mean that you eat more, it only means that you eat more often. Such food is useful because the food eaten is better absorbed in your body.

Fractional nutrition was first used in medicine for the treatment of people suffering from problems of the digestive system. Patients were recommended to eat in small portions, every 3 hours. Today, such a diet is widely used to combat excess weight and speed up metabolism. With traditional food, when the intervals between meals are relatively large, there is a feeling of hunger, after which people eat unjustifiably a lot of food before the body has time to "notify" about satiety. The longer the intervals between meals, the more the body lays "in reserve", turning the calories into excess fat, that is, there is a slowdown in metabolic processes.

Fractional feeding, on the contrary, accelerates metabolism. Due to the fact that food comes more often and in smaller quantities, the body does not need to store calories. Another advantage of fractional nutrition, already for people with diabetes, is that such a diet lowers blood sugar levels, but you should consult your doctor about this.

Food and Testosterone Link

Testosterone production and nutrition are directly related. Some of the products stimulate the production of the male hormone, while others contain the necessary substances for the synthesis of testosterone molecules. Many products, on the contrary, suppress testosterone production. In general, the list of products useful for increasing testosterone is quite large, as is the list of products that reduce its quantity.

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The products that improve the synthesis of testosterone include: seafood, red meat, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, foods rich in zinc and selenium, as well as vitamins. You need to give up alcohol, coffee, soybeans, sweets, various kinds of fast foods and smoked products.

Communication of testosterone and excess fat

Excess fat has a negative effect on testosterone levels in a man’s body. In the "beer belly" there is a process of converting the male hormone testosterone into female estrogen. A rise in estrogen suppresses testosterone production. Read more about it here .

Fractional nutrition to increase testosterone

If you break the daily ration of food for 5-6 receptions per day, then the body eventually rebuild metabolism in the direction of its acceleration. When the metabolism is accelerated, fats will be burned faster in the body. And the faster the fat is burned, the more effective the synthesis of sex hormones. With this fractional nutrition, you can normalize your testosterone levels in the blood.

The most nutritious should be breakfast. This is necessary for a powerful "push" metabolism, which slows down during sleep. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism will slow down even more. At the same time, breakfast means not a glass of coffee with a sandwich, but a full meal that is beneficial for our body (see “Healthy breakfasts for men's health” ). Food should be complete, varied, healthy. The daily diet should include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements, fiber, and all this in sufficient quantities.

Fractional nutrition can increase vital energy, since there will be no “overloading” of food during meals, when the main forces of the body go to digest food.

Main conclusions:

  • Break your daily diet into the largest possible amount of food intake;
  • Try to eat smaller portions, do not overeat;
  • Your diet should be based on simple and useful products that promote the synthesis of testosterone;
  • Avoid products that adversely affect the synthesis of sex hormones;
  • Do not skip breakfast.

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