Эстрадиол и тестостерон Estradiol is the most powerful of the female sex hormones - estrogen. It is not produced in the male body. The thing is that testosterone is converted into estradiol by the action of enzymes. This set of enzymes is aromatase.

Although not all men (especially bodybuilders) like the presence of estradiol, but the female sex hormone is present in all men. Moreover, it performs important functions: improves mood and contributes to more pronounced muscle growth. But this is true only to the normal level of estrogen.

Both low and high levels of estradiol adversely affect the health of men. The female-type fat begins to be deposited, the mood is replaced by depression, and if elevated estradiol lasts a long time, gynecomastia will certainly develop - the growth of the female breast in men. Have noticed in obese men and elderly men saggy breasts, female type - this is the result of the action of estrogen. In the first case, gynecomastia developed due to excess fat, which converts testosterone to estrogen, in the second, due to age-related changes associated with a decrease in testosterone.

Estradiol and testosterone are two enemies that constantly fight among themselves. And if one of the hormones is elevated, the other will most likely be lowered.

Factors that cause estrogen-testosterone imbalance in men:

  • Overweight in men suppresses testosterone production and triggers estrogen production. Especially dangerous is fat in the abdominal region. Beer belly in men - a plant for the production of estrogen.
  • Lack of zinc, the main building material for testosterone.
  • Increased aromatase content that converts testosterone to estrogen. In this case, it is necessary to take drugs that are aromatase inhibitors.
  • All causes lower testosterone

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