Влияние газированной воды на уровень тестостерона Large industrial companies producing soda have made sure that most of the population has soda in the refrigerator (sweet, mineral). Moreover, some nations (Americans, Germans) use carbonated drinks in a constant mode, one might say instead of water. Using it does not cause people to feel fear for their health and all thanks to successful advertising. The harm of sweet sparkling water is obvious! Soda drinks are dangerous to everyone, without exception: children, women, men.

In addition to all other negative effects, carbonated water lowers testosterone levels in men for a number of reasons:

Acids contained in soda flush calcium from the body, which leads to the development of osteoporosis and a decrease in testosterone.

The high sugar content in soda (approximately 6 teaspoons of sugar per glass) reduces the production of male sex hormones. Sugar is one of the lowers in testosterone . With the constant use of soda, excess weight builds up. Excess weight in men contributes to the production of female sex hormones - estrogen , and at the same time suppresses the production of testosterone.

Thirst enhancers contribute to dehydration, and without water, no vital processes in the body occur properly, including the release of sex hormones.

The presence of caffeine and its substitutes contribute to a decrease in testosterone. Caffeine gives a temporary surge of strength and vitality, but after removal from the body is replaced by a breakdown and irritability.

To maintain men's health, it is better to abandon sugary sodas, as they only bring harm and no good.

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