Testosterone is undoubtedly one of the most important hormones of a man, which is responsible not only for sexual and reproductive function, but also influences the work of almost all body systems. But besides testosterone, in the body there are many other systems and hormones, no less important for normal functioning. Many overlook this obvious moment and for any problems in sexual terms sin on sex hormones, although this may have completely different reasons.

Who really needs to be tested for hormones?

Young age Let's start at a young age, because it is this age group that is most interested in the level of their sex hormones. A young age is characterized by a peak in the activity of sex hormones and by the age of 25 testosterone levels are kept at the maximum level. Approximately at the age of 25-30 years, the activity of androgen synthesis begins to decline slightly (1-1.5% per year) and only after a certain period of time makes itself felt. Accelerate the decrease in the production of sex hormones can the presence of chronic diseases, unhealthy lifestyles, depression, etc.

It follows that at the age of 25-30 years with the level of sex hormones there should be no problems, except for some possible cases when it is necessary to visit an endocrinologist:

  1. There are signs of testosterone deficiency : lack of male-pattern hairiness (hair on the face, body, genitals), high voice, small penis size (micropenis) and other signs.
  2. The young man has female-type obesity and enlarged breasts .

In other cases, it is worth looking for a problem in another direction, most often in the psyche. After all, if a healthy young guy doubts himself and his sexual abilities, then he also needs the advice of a doctor ... a sexologist or a psychotherapist.

Average age. Middle age is remarkable in that every man goes through a certain stage of rethinking his life: his life is analyzed, its meaning, he remembers who he wanted to become and who he did not become. All these complex things fall on the man and temporarily disarm him. Many begin to blame the hormones. Indeed, in the middle age (about 40 years), someone earlier, someone later, is left behind the former strength and energy of youth. Although the cause may be banal fatigue, which a couple of years ago was not noticed, or prolonged depression. In such an acute period, any problem will be promoted and exaggerated at times, and even more so the problem of the sexual plan.

However, in middle age, unlike the young, changes in hormonal background in the direction of deterioration are more than possible. The same applies to the rest of the body systems, which at this age begin to “capitulate” massively. Therefore, a visit to the doctor is necessary for a comprehensive examination of the whole body!

As for checking for the level of sex hormones, here it is necessary to look at the situation: a sharp increase in weight, a decrease in the need for shaving, and the complete disappearance of potency indicates the need for an urgent appeal to a specialist.

Older and older age. In old age, an absolute decrease in sex hormones is indeed often recorded when testosterone levels are below acceptable values. The extinction of sexual function occurs gradually, without sharp drops, so that a man easily adapts to the new conditions of his existence. Poststitle litigation of old age partly helps hormone replacement therapy with testosterone . However, even without taking hormones into account, in old age there are a lot of other reasons due to which there is a decrease in sexual desire and sexual activity.

Conclusion: at an older age, one cannot rely only on the level of androgens - it is necessary to investigate the body in a complex way and carry out the appropriate treatment of associated diseases.


  • Young age (up to 25-30 years). Most likely, hormones are fine, if there is no clearly expressed testosterone deficiency;
  • The average age (from 35 years). At this age, there may be a relative hormone deficiency, when testosterone levels are low relative to previous years, but are within the normal range. In this case, a man may experience some characteristic symptoms, however, it is not customary in medical practice to correct this condition with hormonal preparations.
  • Elderly age. There may be an absolute decrease in sex hormones. In this case, the patient can count on hormone replacement therapy to correct the level of testosterone to the required level.

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