Patients are often told that they cannot follow all the various recommended diets, workouts, calorie-burning strategies, separate diets, prescriptions and expert advice. And I do not blame them for that because they are right. Recommendations for proper nutrition have become too complex, and it seems that a degree in this field is needed to figure it all out.

The following recommendations are very effective and clear; they allow you to achieve a lot and at the same time are easy to use.

Key points:

  1. Your diet should represent healthy sources of energy and nutrition that help the body recover.
  2. Your diet should not deplete and weaken the body.
  3. Your diet should not be based only on what is tasty, convenient and interesting.

Most diets cause damage to the body, they are harmful to many systems, including a system for the production and distribution of testosterone. These recommendations are related to the quantity and quality of food consumed, the use of various additives, proper fluid intake and lifestyle changes.

1. Eat less and do not overeat

This is the best advice a nutritionist can give you. Placing a mountain of food on your plate and thus overloading your stomach, you can stop realizing how much food you really need.

Reducing the amount of food consumed is a tip that everyone understands. This is important because it is quite difficult for men to calculate the number of calories they consume over any long period of time.

Eat less, even if it is very tasty. Let's say this frankly: the more harmful the health food is, the tastier it is. These are exactly those appetizing things that you must give up. Part of the problem is that by eating really a lot of times (or if it was a rich dessert), you can negate all the efforts related to proper nutrition that you made earlier. And do not use the excuse of the type: "Sorry, this was a special case." It seems that we always have a special reason to eat something harmful for the body.

Rule 50%. "I do not understand what is going on. I eat the same foods, nothing has changed, but I am gaining weight. ” Read the 50% rule: after 40 years, your body needs only half the calories you needed when you were 25.

It must be understood that the metabolism changes with age. And if you do not limit your calorie intake by about half compared to what was previously, or do not burn them through physical activity, this will lead to an increase in weight and cholesterol in the body, increased blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack. If you do not take into account the rule of 50%, it will overload the body systems. All of these factors, taken together, can undermine the health and reduce the activity of testosterone.

So whatever you eat, and wherever you eat, eat less. Do not allow yourself to overeat, just because a large portion is available.

2. Reduce your intake of sugar and foods containing refined starch as much as possible!

Reducing the amount of sugar and starch, which in the body quickly turns into sugar, is a very effective solution aimed at saving testosterone and at self-defense. This is the only recommendation will bring many benefits and lead to serious results.

Some men think that we are talking about a slight decrease in sugar consumption. By no means. Eliminate sugar from your diet as much as possible.

Instead of trying to understand the various recommendations and calculations, you can simply abandon the use of products that accurately contain sugar and other simple carbohydrates (for example, processed cereals).

The only sugar you can eat should be from fresh fruit and natural juices.

Sugar is a sweet poison. After a while, a large amount of sugar that we consume begins to poison our body. This is especially true when you are over 40 years old. After 40 years, diabetes of the second type develops, along with other diseases. This is the time when you should start limiting your sugar intake, if you haven't already done so.

Perhaps you are trying to control your diet, maybe even eat reasonably. But one can of soda, which contains 10-12 tsp. sugar, can easily negate the many days of your efforts. Instead, drink one glass of sugar-free natural juice per day.

Do not eat foods that contain hidden sugar. Ultimately, all simple starches are made from sugar. Sugar is found in the following products: desserts, various types of snacks and crackers made from refined white flour, white bread, buns and baked ringlets, white flour pasta, white rice, potatoes, high-fructose corn syrup.

3. Reduce your salt intake as much as possible.

On average, we consume 2 times more salt (4 g per day) than necessary (2 g). This leads to negative health consequences, the most important of which is high blood pressure.

The salt shaker on the table should be a relic of the past, like a mechanical typewriter or a reel tape recorder. Whoever is engaged in cooking in your home, you need to use as little as possible substances containing sodium (salt, soda).

Sodium salts contained in products should be the only source of this element.

Read more about how much salt a man needs.

4. Drink more water.

There are many positive moments in the daily use of a certain amount of water: it washes out your body from the inside. Most people know this, but few follow this recommendation.

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. If necessary, count the amount of water consumed, even keep a record if needed. Let a bottle or glass of water always be at your fingertips.

Read more about the water balance in the body of a man .

5. Reduce caffeine intake

You can drink no more than 2 cups of coffee or three cups of tea per day (preferably cold and sugar-free). If you break this rate for a long time, it can reduce the activity of testosterone due to the "fake" energy that caffeine gives. In addition, caffeine is a diuretic and causes dehydration. Increased consumption of caffeine leads to increased acidity of the stomach, ulcers and weakening of bone tissue.

Read "Refusal from coffee and tea - personal experience."

6. Drink less alcohol.

Try to reduce alcohol consumption as much as possible. Regardless of the origin of alcohol includes sugar and cholesterol, and this is not what you need, if you follow a diet.

Those who regularly consume large amounts of alcohol put themselves at risk for obesity, high blood pressure, the onset of heart disease and diabetes. You will ask why? Regular alcohol abuse poisons the body over time. This adds too much fat, cholesterol and sugar to your diet. This reduces the amount of fat burned and leads to weight gain and the development of a “beer belly”.

7. Replace meat and potatoes with seafood, vegetables and fruits.

Most men prefer meat and potatoes. This style of nutrition needs to be changed for several reasons, but primarily due to the fact that the store meat contains hormones that adversely affect health and testosterone production.

Should I completely give up meat?

It is not recommended to completely refuse meat products, since the meat is based on cholesterol, which is necessary for the production of steroid hormones, which include testosterone.

How much meat can you eat?

Eat meat no more than 2 times a week. If you eat meat, limit yourself to two 50-gram portions, corresponding in size to a deck of cards or a bar of soap, per week.

8. In food, give preference to products that are beneficial for testosterone.

A list of products that have a beneficial effect on the synthesis of testosterone can be seen here .

9. If possible, avoid fast food chains.

Fast food contains too much caffeine, cholesterol, sugar, salt, and various fats. Regular hamburger plus french fries and soda water violate all the recommendations given in this article.

If you are forced to go to fast food, order a salad, chicken or fish (preferably grilled) and cold water.

10. Do not skip breakfast

It is easy to tell a man that it is necessary to have breakfast. However, it is really hard to get him to follow this advice. Very often a modern man has breakfast on the go, it can be a bun (or cake) and coffee, toast and jam or crackers with melted cheese. And that's it!

What happens when you skip mealtime?

When you have breakfast on the go, drink a lot of coffee and have a snack, instead of eating normally, and do not eat anything until a hearty meal, your body begins to secrete large amounts of cortisol and adrenaline - stress hormones. It will fill you with artificial life energy. The release of cortisol and adrenaline lasts several hours and thus blocks the production of testosterone.

You should always have breakfast, lunch and dinner . Distribute meals throughout the day so that you have a constant supply of nutrients. This is the principle of "small portions". But do not do this with coffee and snacks.

A good breakfast should consist of a plate of high-fiber cereal (no added sugar), skim milk or yogurt, fruit, nuts and peanut butter on rye-bread toast.

Dinner should be nutritious, but not too rich, such as chicken or fish, vegetables and fruits. Gradually, you will get used to eat this way and stop drinking coffee before dinner. When this becomes a habit, you will be surprised how much vital energy you have increased.

11. The last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime.

If you have eaten, and then immediately went to bed, your body is still busy digesting food. Your brain is overloaded, because it constantly sends signals to the stomach and pancreas to produce digestive enzymes. The blood is mainly sent to the intestines and makes a constant circulation there. The insulin level is high, because it fights with sugar and carbohydrates. The liver also works: gets products for processing and further decay. All these necessary processes continue for 2-3 hours after a hearty dinner.

Taken together, these processes slow down the production and distribution of testosterone, since brain activity, blood flow and muscle contraction are aimed at digesting food. If you fall asleep immediately after dinner, this shortens the time of an important nightly testosterone production.


In the end, following these recommendations, you will improve indicators such as the production, release, distribution of testosterone, as well as its effect. In addition, it will help get rid of the "enemies" of this hormone. All this will contribute to the overall improvement of the body.

A source:

Shafiq Kaadri "Testosterone Factor", 2007.

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