(подразумевает, причины снижающие тестостерон у всех мужчин) General level (implies, causes lower testosterone in all men)

  1. Psychological factors: this may include stress, financial and family problems;
  2. Food: consuming testosterone lowering foods ;
  3. Drinks: alcohol, carbonated water (with or without dyes);
  4. Bacteria, viruses, infections;
  5. Medicine: all anti-ulcer drugs reduce testosterone, as well as drugs that reduce potency ;
  6. Heredity;
  7. Injuries of the testes and reproductive organs;
  8. Minimal physical activity, sedentary lifestyle;
  9. Bad habits: overweight, smoking, alcohol;
  10. Bioenergy natural factors (carrying a mobile phone in trouser pockets, working with a laptop on your lap, etc.);
  11. Age: after 40 years, the level of testosterone in men is 70% of the initial;
  12. Ecology.

(подразумевает, причины снижения тестостерона у отдельно взятого мужчины) Private level (implies the reasons for the decrease in testosterone in a single man)

  1. High blood pressure;
  2. Increased number of respiratory movements (shortness of breath);
  3. пульс (более чем 80 в минуту, снижает уровень тестостерона); Increased heart rate - pulse (more than 80 per minute, reduces testosterone levels);
  4. Hemoglobin count (both elevated and reduced hemoglobin reduces testosterone levels);
  5. , более 25 ммоль/л понижает тестостерон); Increased bilirubin (normal 20 mmol / l , more than 25 mmol / l lowers testosterone);
  6. Impaired kidney function (decrease in urine excretion (less than 1 liter per day) reduces testosterone levels by 15–20%);
  7. Overweight (abdominal fat in men secretes enzymes and hormones that reduce testosterone);
  8. Increased blood sugar. Blood sugar is 5.5 mmol / L. Indicators exceeding 7 mmol / l reduce testosterone (one of the causes of diabetes is low testosterone, in turn, testosterone controls blood sugar);
  9. Violations of the acid-base balance pH - the norm of 7.4;
  10. The increase in white blood cells - the rate of 4000-5000, more than 5000 - a decrease in testosterone;
  11. Overheating of the testicles. For normal testosterone and sperm production, testicular temperature should be 3.3 degrees lower than body temperature. Narrow, tight underwear can overheat the testicles, thereby disrupting the production of testosterone;
  12. Disturbance of lipid metabolism: cholesterol norm - less than 6.5 mmol / l.

Source: based on lectures by O.A. Butakova.

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