A low testosterone level can have many causes, caused both by physiological factors (for example, age, the presence of diseases) and by external factors, the main one being the lifestyle of the individual. Most of these problems arise as a result of malnutrition, as the main factor affecting human health. The list of products that can lower the level of sex hormones will help correct the diet in the direction of improving the hormonal background of men.

1. Sugar

(sweets, pastries, cheese curds, jams, jams, yogurts, ice cream, sauces, ketchups, etc.)

Reducing the consumption of sugar and starch, which in the body quickly turns into sugar, is a very effective solution aimed at saving testosterone and at self-defense. This unique recommendation will bring many benefits and lead to serious results.

The use of sugar-containing foods and other simple carbohydrates leads to the release of insulin, which is released by the pancreas to cope with excess blood sugar. This undermines the activity of the entire system when drops occur from unnecessary energy emissions to overwork. Insulin impairs testosterone production, distribution, and effectiveness.

Sugar also increases the synthesis of cortisol, a stress hormone that is an antagonist of testosterone. Together, these factors lead to a decrease in the production of sex hormones and prepare the basis for deteriorating health and the occurrence of diseases.

Sugar is empty extra calories that are not needed by the body. Speaking about the reduction of sugar consumption, it is meant its complete exclusion from the diet, as far as possible. The same applies to products containing a large amount of hidden sugar, such as products containing simple starches (potatoes, white rice, flour and products based on it).

The only possible sugar you can eat is found in fruits and vegetables.

2. Salt

(any food salt, soda, fast food, canned products, frozen convenience foods, mayonnaise, store sauces (including soy sauce), sausages, smoked products, cheese)

On average, men consume 2 times more salt than is necessary. The mechanism of salt influence on the production of sex hormones is associated with an increase in pressure. NaCl contributes to the retention of body fluids, with the result that the heart must make more efforts to cope with excess fluid. This can lead to constantly increased pressure and overstrain of the heart muscle with all the ensuing consequences. While in the glands located in the testes, blood circulation is impaired, which impairs the production and distribution of testosterone and leads to a decrease in erection.

Men find it difficult to refuse salt: food that is not seasoned with salt seems devoid of taste. But gradually, taste buds adapt to its absence. To improve the taste, you can use other seasonings (for example, black pepper), which will not affect blood pressure.

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3. Caffeine

(coffee, black tea, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, chocolate)

Caffeine gives a sense of vitality and energy to the body, but it is not real, but fake energy. Every time you drink a cup of invigorating coffee or tea, you fool your brain. How? Caffeine increases the production of the hormone cortisol and adrenaline, causing the same burst of energy that you feel. In the aggregate, increasing the level of cortisol and adrenaline reduces the body's need for testosterone and its synthesis.

Caffeine has a diuretic effect, and therefore does not supply water, but rather takes it, dehydrating the body. All this brings the hormonal background of men only losses.

A good caffeine shake also reduces the supply of blood to the brain and testicles for 2-3 hours. If you consume caffeine shortly before you go to sleep, it interferes with deep sleep, in the phase of which testosterone is actively produced.

Permissible use of 2 cups of coffee and 3 cups of tea a day, not forgetting about the moderate consumption of sugar with these drinks.

4. Alcohol

(all alcoholic beverages, with the exception of natural red dry wine)

The first portion of alcohol, oddly enough, increases testosterone. The pleasant feeling that arises is associated with the desire to drink. However, alcohol contributes to the conversion of testosterone to estrogen . In addition, the composition of alcoholic beverages includes sugar and cholesterol, the excessive use of which harms men's health no less than the adoption of the alcohol itself.

Constant abuse of alcohol leads to a violation of the synthesis of testosterone and the weakening of its effects.

5. Meat with hormones

(meat of an agricultural animal grown in industrial animal husbandry, exception: mutton)

All modern industrial animal husbandry can not do without the use of hormones for raising animals. The use of hormones is economically beneficial to the producer: such an animal grows faster, gains more weight, gives more milk, reproduces better, and as a result brings more profits to its owners.

Most of the hormones used in animal husbandry are female, estrogen and its analogues. It turns out that a man, consuming, as was previously believed, a genuinely male product, consumes hormones opposite in their sexual constitution. An increased amount of estrogen from the environment leads to a decrease in the production of androgens and spermatozoa in men.

In countries where, due to religious beliefs, little meat is consumed, and the meat that is used is deprived of hormones, or the use of meat products is generally prohibited, the production of sperm for men is much higher than in countries with a traditional type of food.

Speaking about the dangers of meat products, it does not mean the movement of any vegetarians or animal rights activists. The harm of meat products is a fact proven and confirmed by research. Nevertheless, the need for meat products for men, according to doctors, is still there.

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6. Fast food

(sausage, sausages, sandwiches, frozen semi-finished products, dumplings, pizza, french fries, instant noodles)

The word "fast food" means not only food from fast food restaurants, but also the products that surround us in everyday life. The use of fast food is not recommended for a number of reasons: firstly, it contains salt, sugar, flavor enhancers, cholesterol, trans fats, secondly, fast food products are depleted in healthy substances, i.e. they have no practical use for organism.

The fact that fast food has a devastating effect on the body has long been proven. One example is the bold experiment of the American Morgan Spurlock, who decided to eat only McDonald's for a month. What came of it, see in his film "Double Portion" .

7. Fizzy drinks

(Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Tonic, etc.)

Sweet carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar (one glass is about 6 tsp. Of sugar), caffeine, colorants, flavor enhancers, and other additives that do not carry anything good for the body. The consumption of such beverages leads to dehydration, worsening the distribution and delivery of testosterone molecules. Plus, the consumption of sugary drinks - these are extra calories out of the blue.

8. Smoked meats

(sausages, smoked meat, smoked fish, smoked cheese)

Industrial smoking is especially dangerous: due to the use of liquid smoke, there is a toxic damage to testicular tissues. Natural smoking also has a small harm factor.

9. Baking

(white bread, buns, muffins, cookies, pies)

Wheat flour, which is the dominant type of flour in the diet of modern man, is made by grinding wheat grains. The main nutrients of wheat grain (fiber, vitamins and minerals) are contained in its shell. In order to achieve the presentation of the flour, which we are accustomed to see in packages, wheat grain goes through a number of production steps, as a result of which it loses its shell, which impairs culinary properties. At the exit, white flour is obtained, which is a substance devoid of everything useful as a result of industrial production, consisting almost entirely of starch.

There is an unspoken rule: the higher the grade of flour, the more it is devoid of useful elements and the more various chemical additives are used in its production.

How is white flour baking harmful to men? Primarily the content of a large amount of sugar, stimulating insulin production. By itself, a white flour product is a high-calorie product, and when preparing the final product, sugar, salt, baking powder and other not always useful ingredients are almost always added.

Table 1 - Products that lower testosterone in men.

Sugar 6 tsp. per day Insulin boost, high calorie
Salt 2 g per day Increased blood pressure, body fluid retention
Caffeine 2 cups of coffee or 3 cups of tea per day Depletion of the nervous system, adrenaline and cortisol release
Alcohol 70 ml of vodka (40%) per day Poisoning the body, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen
Meat with hormones 2 servings 50 g per week The content of female hormones, the formation of harmful carcinogens during cooking (frying)
Fast food 1 serving per week High content of salt, sugar, caffeine, trans fat, flavor enhancers, high calorie
Fizzy Drinks Up to 150 ml per day High content of sugar, caffeine, dyes, flavor enhancers
Smoked meat Cut as far as possible The content of liquid smoke poisoning the body; the formation of carcinogens during smoking
Bakery products 2-3 servings per week for 100-150 g Sugar, salt, high calorie content