Секс и тестостерон A lot of talk went about the relationship of sex and testosterone. Some said that after sex the level of testosterone rises, others that decreases. So how really?

In the study, scientists found that after intercourse, fluctuation in testosterone levels was not found. Therefore, sex does not affect the level of testosterone. The myth has been dispelled.

Another study was conducted on how abstinence will affect the level of sex hormones. Chinese scientists found out that the first six days, testosterone remains at the same level, after it rises significantly and gradually begins to decline.

From research it is clear that a man needs sexual activity. But even here the main thing is not to overdo it. It turns out that frequent sex can harm overall health and take away from a man vitality and tone. Indeed, in the process of sperm production, many organs are involved, which give the best to its formation. That is why after ejaculation often tends to sleep. Athletes have long known about this, and most during the competition do not allow themselves sexual pleasures. For example, the greatest boxer Muhammad Ali refused to have sex before a responsible fight.

It should be remembered about the psychological dependence of sex and testosterone. If the feeling of winning boosts testosterone , then victories sexually bring a man more testosterone. So if a woman praises a man’s sexual abilities in bed, his testosterone level will increase significantly. Conversely, if a woman shows any disappointment in a man, then it will drastically reduce testosterone.

Remember, the main thing that sex brings pleasure, if so, then boldly do this most enjoyable occupation as you want!

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