Certain variants of behavior, temperament, inclinations, are laid in a person before birth, the rest he acquires, having fallen into a certain social environment, with the help of self-education and the development of certain qualities.

Is it possible to determine the behavior of a person and his inclinations without seeing his face, but only by looking at the hand? It turns out that with a fairly high degree of probability this can be done without even resorting to the services of a psychic and a palmist. This is engaged in behavioral genetics. It would seem that such a “nonsense” as measuring the length of only two fingers on your hand can lead to surprising results.

Length options

In nature, there is no person who has all the fingers on one arm of the same length. But there are two fingers that are almost similar: index and ring fingers. If you randomly invite a hundred people, you can see that some people have a longer index finger than a ring finger. Some shorter. Of course, there will be a small group with the same length of these fingers.

Длина пальцев и тестостерон

Fig. 1 - Different ratios of the length of the ring and index finger.

It seems that there is nothing interesting in this: after all, in this group there will be people with different noses, heads, ear shape and so on. But it’s harder with your fingers: each of us has a mystery about their length before birth - in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Mighty "regulators"

Man is an open, "non-linear" system. Its activity is determined at the highest, generalizing level by the laws of dialectics, for example, by the unity and struggle of opposites. And manifestations of this law can be found in the structural organization of the autonomic nervous system. Its sympathetic and parasympathetic division, regardless of our will, performs its opposite functions.

In addition to the nervous regulation, there is hormonal. Male and female hormones - testosterone and estrogen , are present in the body of each person, and largely determine its physical constitution and behavior.

With the intrauterine development of each of us, these hormones played an important role. It turned out that at 2-3 months of pregnancy for the growth of the ring finger answered the male hormone - fetal, or fetal testosterone. "Feminine", or estrogen, determined the growth of the index finger.

In other words, trying to understand the length of the fingers, one can understand how pronounced was the influence of the male or female sex hormones on the embryo of each of us.

About indexes

As it is known, in Latin “finger” is a digitus. Therefore (counting from the big one), “2d” and “4d” are not at all the number of measurements in the cinema, but only the designation of the index and ring finger.

Пальцевый индекс и тестостерон

Fig. 2 - The relationship between the length of the index and ring finger (finger index), characteristic of men and women.

If we calculate the ratio of their length, then men will get a coefficient less than one, and women will get more: (2d: 4d = 0.97-0.99) and (2d: 4d = 1.1), respectively.

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This is a manifestation of sexual dimorphism, that is, the diversity of signs controlled by hormones. It is clear that most men have longer ring fingers, and women have index fingers. But it can be traced "in bulk". There are women with longer ring fingers, and men with shorter fingers. What can this indicate?

Измерение длинный пальцев

Fig. 3 - Measuring the length of the index and ring finger.

In the primate world

In order to trace what the different lengths of the fingers lead to , one must go to study animals that have fingers and lead a social life close to the human. As a result, the most famous study was the study of the behavior of male baboons and the males of the smallest monkeys - marmosets.

Baboons were pronounced leaders of women's groups, aggressively distributing slaps to their females, with a penchant for "polygamy", periodic manifestation of aggressive behavior and other signs of "super men." Baboons have unnamed fingers much longer than their index fingers.

Males of marmosets, miniature fingers of which showed the opposite result, had a completely different style of behavior: quiet and modest, exemplary “fathers of families”, remaining faithful to the chosen one and “delicate handling” with offspring.

This connection was clearly seen on other primates, though not so brightly. It should be noted that this relationship is correlative. That is, in contrast to the functional connection, one cannot nevertheless give a “one hundred percent” forecast. There is a certain “free field” of scatter values. Therefore, it is impossible to draw conclusions along the length of your fingers, for example, that a person must necessarily behave aggressively, sooner or later, and commit a crime. But how does the prenatal effect of testosterone and estrogen on the higher nervous activity of a person manifest?

The relationship of inclinations and length of the fingers

On a sufficiently large number of studies it was found that men with a high level of testosterone operate with exact values, and often choose the field of activity in the area of ​​exact sciences. They are well oriented in space, imagine the position of the cardinal points, and even in the subway will show you with your hand where the southeast is.

Testosterone defines qualities such as leadership, which is a direct result of aggressiveness. The second signal system of a person made the aggressiveness civilized, and if the baboons needed to fight, then the person voluntarily finds a person with leadership qualities.

Testosterone affects sustainability and dedication. Most graduates of military schools have longer ring fingers. If you go to nightclubs, casinos, or look at the races or the exchange, then the most “risky”, gambling, but more successful people with longer ring fingers, because testosterone codes making a quick decision amid a stressful situation and composure.

Of course, these findings apply not only to men. Thus, in the world of sports, a shorter forefinger indicates the possibility of an explosive, “explosive” reaction, a strong-willed finish, the ability to fight for victory. Dangerous driving is also the prerogative of such people: an abundance of traffic police fines and warnings for owners of long ring fingers can “go off scale”.

In private life, these people also show a tendency to frequent change of sexual partners and many marriages, however, these connections rarely remain durable.

And if the ring finger is shorter?

The influence of estrogen determines the artistic warehouse and the "nonlinearity" of thinking. Thus, the humanitarian mentality, the element of "logos", the tendency to create objects and verbal constructions that have a multi-level meaning, and the ambiguity of interpretation has always been the lot of people with estrogen predominance. These people have well-developed abilities for fantasy, self-criticism and can be well inspired, but they are reasoned by reason.

At the same time there is suspiciousness, the duration of decision-making, low stress tolerance.

In the event that estrogens are prevalent in women, then these can be considered ideal mothers, homelike, predictable and not risk averse. However, these women may be characterized by increased nervous irritability and neurotization.

Health effects

The different lengths of the fingers can prompt their wearer to worry about. So, with a pronounced advantage of the ring finger in men, such a “hypermasculin” warehouse can lead to prostate tumors, and in women, osteoarthritis and breast cancer can occur.

With the estrogenic type of development of the fingers, allergic reactions are more likely to develop, and, even according to some studies, there is a tendency to schizophrenia. These people tend to have fewer children, as well as an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.


In conclusion, it can be said that the genetics of behavior cannot predict what kind of reaction an individual will have to a particular stimulus only on the basis of measuring the length of the fingers. At best, this prediction will have a probability higher than 50%, which is already quite good if a sufficiently large number of measurements.

If we add to this the methods of inquiry, psychological and sociological testing, and the study of the personality, then the chances of a successful prediction are substantially increased.

Neurologist Pogrebnoy S.L.

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