Упражнения для повышения тестостерона Strength training to increase testosterone is, above all, exercises with weights (exercises with dumbbells, weights, barbell). With proper training, exercise can greatly increase testosterone levels . Any exercise with dumbbells, weight or barbell can increase testosterone, but there are exercises that give the maximum effect. This is deadlift and squatting. Since the exercise of these exercises will involve large muscle groups, then the testosterone increase will be maximal.

Deadlift. Technique:

Starting position: legs shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other, the athlete becomes at a distance of about 10 centimeters from the bar, bends forward, making a shoulder-width grip or slightly wider, bending the legs at the knees, keeping the back level and chest. the section is curved forward (chest with “wheel”), we begin to slowly lift the barbell, leading it along the front surface of the legs. At the top point, linger for a couple of seconds and slowly lower the barbell down.

Important notes on the technique of the deadlift:

  1. The back should remain straight throughout the exercise (slightly arched at the waist)
  2. Do not bend back to the top
  3. The whole emphasis should fall on the heels
  4. Do not throw the bar when lowering the bar
  5. Be sure to use a weightlifting belt.
  6. The hands are in free hand, they do not help to lift the barbell. Hands are needed to hold the barbell.

Deadlift video