Условия сна для максимальной выработки тестостерона As you know, almost all testosterone is produced at night in the phase of deep sleep. During the day when a man is awake, testosterone is either not produced at all, or a small part of the hormone is produced. Therefore, it is important to provide the most comfortable sleep conditions for maximum testosterone production.

What should I take care to maximize testosterone production during sleep?

Sleep duration

Take to sleep 6-8 hours a day. This is just as much as necessary for sleep, and not at all the amount of time you spend in bed.

Deep sleep is testosterone time. Scientists who study sleep talk about 5 of its stages, the so-called sleep architecture. Basically during sleep you go through an hour and a half cycles. The last 15 minutes of each cycle are restorative portions of deep sleep. With deep sleep, our eyes move quickly. It is then that we have dreams; as if our eyes are quickly watching projected films from within.

Deep sleep is also part of a cycle with maximum testosterone production. It is during these periods of time that erections occur in men, lasting an average of 15 minutes and recurring throughout the night at intervals of 1.5 hours. Therefore, men wake up (must wake up) with an erection (see “ What does the absence of erection in the morning mean? ”). Much of the physical and emotional state depends on the quality and duration of deep sleep: resistance to stress, internal energy, including sperm production, strengthening of bones, and the emergence of ambition. In order to make deep sleep much better, carefully follow the recommendations listed below.

Eliminate noise interference

Maximum testosterone production occurs in absolute silence. If there are any irritating factors (any noise), then testosterone production is not so intense.

Use ear plugs. Sleep in absolute silence. Maybe you think your bedroom is relatively free from noise. But in order to optimize sleep, you must go to extreme measures and use earplugs.

Use only quality earplugs made from lightweight rubberized material. It bends easily and takes the shape of your ear. You will find these in most pharmacies. Do not put anything homemade into your ear.

Using earplugs, you may not hear the alarm bell, as you will sleep deeply. Make sure your alarm is ringing loud enough to hear it.

Eliminate light stimuli

Electric lighting is a relatively young invention. For centuries, man lay down when the sun went down and rose with the rising of the sun. Now we can turn on a bright light at any time of the day. Our body has to get used to, and it breaks the internal rhythms. Since our life is no longer associated with the rising and setting of the sun, the body suffers from an excess of light. It is beneficial for production and the economy, but absolutely not beneficial for quality sleep.

At night, moonlight, street lighting, and light from nearby houses penetrate most houses. There are many curtains, curtains and blinds that can reduce the penetration of light into your home. However, the most effective technique is a sleep mask.

Wear a sleep mask. There is a difference between dark and completely black (as pitch). Sleep in absolute darkness. Use for this an opaque sleep mask (you can purchase it at any pharmacy).

Let the lower half of your body be exposed while you sleep.

A prerequisite is the optimal temperature of the male testicles (3 ° C lower than body temperature). To do this, a man during sleep must be without panties, preferably without covering the lower part of the body or covering with a warm blanket (sheet).

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Sleeping naked is not very comfortable in the company of children. Limit the children from the bedroom, keep clothes close at hand, or apply imagination and find another way out.

Lightly air the room before bedtime.

Maintain a temperature of 18-21 ° C in the room and discard thick blankets. If at night you wake up feeling hot or sweating and throwing the blanket to the floor, it means that either the room or the blanket is too warm. In order to accurately measure the temperature in the room, get a reliable electronic thermometer.

Let your room be so cool that you feel comfortable.

Why sleep in a cool room? Assume that the temperature is too high (for example, 27 ° C). Your body will sweat all night to cool. This means that more warm blood will be delivered to the surface layer of the skin, bringing the body's internal heat to the outside. When this occurs, the flow of blood from the warm, inner region to the periphery. You take blood from the gland, which reduces its performance.

Now imagine that the temperature is too low, say 10 ° C. In this scenario, your body reflects as follows: “It’s too cold there and you have to sacrifice areas that are not as important as skin, fingers, legs, ears, etc. and other organs, including the kidneys and glands. " This is exactly what you need.

When cooling a room, you direct blood to important organs, including the glands, using the body’s natural ability to direct blood to different parts of it. This ability of our body saves us life when blood pressure rises during heavy bleeding, and blood loss decreases with loss of a limb.

Obviously, it is difficult to expect good sleep at a temperature of 10 ° C. However, you can achieve the necessary redistribution of resources in the body at a comfortable temperature of 18 to 21 ° C. Stay cool.

Follow the basic principles

  1. No caffeine.
  2. Do not overeat.
  3. No tedious exercise (sex does not count).
  4. No alcohol.
  5. Do not smoke.
  6. Do not drink a lot before bedtime.

Caffeine, tedious exercise, and nicotine stimulate the nervous system and drive sleep away. When overeating, blood focuses mainly on the intestines, rather than serving the urinary system. In fact, it destroys the quality sleep system, known as sleep architecture.

Similarly, if you drink plenty of fluids 2-3 hours before bedtime, you can be sure that in the middle of the night you will have to wake up and go to the toilet.

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Use a comfortable mattress and pillow.

If you wake up feeling unwell, depressed and not rested, this indicates a decrease in hormone production at night. Good sleep in a good bed helps to produce testosterone, which restores and maintains the normal body. Do not undermine the ability of your testosterone, spending a third of life on a too soft, cheap and old bed.

Invest in the acquisition of good, durable and comfortable mattresses and pillows. People working in the hotel industry understand this and are proud of the quality of their beds. They invest a lot of money in the acquisition of elastic and comfortable mattresses, which may even have special thickenings replacing the pillow. It is not necessary to buy an ultra-modern heated mattress that vibrates and bends at different angles; just choose a mattress of a reliable brand that will serve you for a long time.

Sleep on beds of appropriate sizes. If your partner often pesters you with “acrobatics,” get a larger bed. Pets and children should also sleep separately from you.

Having created all the necessary conditions for sleep, you will ensure a good soil for the production of male hormones.

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  • Leonid says:

    Ummm ... everything is clear about the first three points, but the fourth one ... I’m not the only one living in an apartment and children can see me. Here, most likely, spacious pants from natural thin cotton will do =)

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  • Russ Leon says:

    Everything said is true. Sleeping in the right conditions restores everything. Checked on yourself.

  • Dima says:

    Leonid, in the end, the children can be explained that the father needs testosterone, and that the eggs need to be aired. Here we have to choose - either the healthy psyche of the children, or the growth and progress in bodybuilding. I made my choice! And I do not regret: my competitive dry weight is now 107 kg.

  • Dmitry says:

    The first point is nonsense. To sleep eight hours - the maximum that is to be feared. Healthy sleep lasts 5-6 hours. The best time to sleep is from 11 am to 5 am.

    • Vitaly says:

      I agree with only 5-6 hours. but everyone has their own time !!! It can be determined experimentally! If anyone needs to write, I will tell.

  • Denis says:

    Forgot to mention that testosterone, like growth hormone, is produced exactly from 1 am to 5 am. It is during this period that you need to sleep, and not 8 hours. If you go to bed at 3 and sleep for 8 hours.

  • Roman says:

    Hello. My testosterone level is: 10.56 nmol. Bad or normal? 38 years.

    • Eugene says:

      The lower limit of the norm is 12 nmol / l.

  • Alexey says:

    Hello to all. I have a job in a shift. It turns out that when I sleep during the day after the night shift, nothing is worked out for me?

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