What are the causes of sperm agglutination and how to treat the pathology?

Sperm agglutination is the adherence of motile spermatozoa to each other (see Fig. 1). The formation of conglomerates (compounds) of cells disrupts their ability to progressive movement, which may cause a decrease in fertility. When sperm agglutination is detected, additional tests are performed to detect antisperm antibodies. Fig. [...]

What does breast ultrasound in men show, indications for

In health care, ultrasound diagnostics has established itself as one of the most informative and affordable methods of non-invasive research. For many diseases, ultrasound is the gold standard in diagnosis. Ultrasound examination of the mammary glands in men is performed less often - in the presence of pathological processes […]

Can I get pregnant with teratozoospermia?

Teratozoospermia - the presence of a large number of abnormal cells in the seminal fluid. As anomalous units can be male sex cells with a pathological structure of the neck, tail or head. Fig. 1 - Teratozoospermia - the content of pathological forms of sperm in the ejaculate is above normal. In [...]

Inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes in men - causes, treatment

One of the main functions of the lymphatic system is the local and general immune defense of the body. Also, the lymphatic system is responsible for cleansing the body from metabolic products and toxic substances. If inflammation occurs in any part of the body, local or regional […]

Causes of pain in the groin in men

Pain in the groin area in men can be associated with a wide variety of pathological processes in the body and is a good reason for seeking medical help. Through a survey and examination of the patient, the doctor determines the exact location of pain and their nature. The pain in [...]

What does the conclusion mean - normospermia?

Before talking about pathology, you need to know what the norm is. Normospermia is not a diagnosis, but a normal state of ejaculate. To do this, it must meet certain parameters. These parameters are determined by the World Health Organization and are one for the whole world. Clear quantitative [...]

What is pyospermia and how to treat it?

Pyospermia is the presence of pus in the ejaculate, that is, leukocytes in large quantities. Despite the fact that sometimes this condition can be detected with the naked eye, most often pyospermia is detected during spermograms. The appearance of leukocytes in the ejaculate affects mobility and [...]

Cavernitis - in detail about the symptoms and treatment of pathology

Cavernitis is an inflammatory disease that entails the defeat of the cavernous (cavernous) bodies of the penis and the formation of painful indurations on it. It is customary to distinguish between acute and chronic forms of the disease. The chronic form arises from an untreated, acute inflammatory process or against the background of an inflammatory [...]

Causes and treatment of hemospermia (semen blood)

Hemospermia, or hematospermia - the appearance of blood in the ejaculate. Find out exactly the prevalence of this syndrome is impossible. Most of the episodes of hematospermia go unnoticed, since during unprotected intercourse, impurities in the semen are usually not noticed. Fig. 1 - Sperm sample with signs of [...]

Paraphimosis in boys and men - causes, symptoms and treatment

Paraphimosis - an acute condition in which the infringement of the head of the penis occurs in the foreskin, while the head itself cannot return to its original position. The victim experiences sharp and severe pain in the area of ​​infringement. The head of the penis increases in size due to [...]