About male infertility they say in the case when the pregnancy with a partner does not occur within a year, provided regular and full-fledged sexual acts. It is possible to reliably determine the symptoms of infertility in a man only during laboratory and clinical examinations. However, signs of pathological processes that lead to disturbances in the male reproductive sphere may indirectly indicate possible difficulties with conception.

Impaired sperm production

The violation of the process of sperm production is observed in the secretory form of male infertility. The following diseases can lead to the development of this pathological condition:

  1. varicocele ;
  2. dropsy testicle;
  3. cryptorchidism;
  4. parotitis.

The appearance of varicocele can be recognized by the characteristic dilation of the scrotum, which becomes edematous and may increase in size. In addition, there may be pain in the perineum, aggravated when walking. Similar signs are detected in the case of the development of dropsy of the testicle. Their occurrence is due to the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues of the scrotum.

Проявление варикоцеле

If a man has cryptorchidism, one or both testicles do not descend into the scrotum. In this case, the testicle can be palpated in the inguinal fold, abdomen, upper part of the scrotum. Violation of sperm synthesis can be a consequence of diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis. In this case, the characteristic manifestations of the main pathological process come to the fore.

Проявление крипторхизма

Often, hormonal imbalances in the body lead to the development of infertility in men. The following symptoms may appear as signs of this pathological condition:

  • gynecomastia or an increase in breast size;
  • female-type obesity with fat deposition predominantly in the waist area;
  • the formation of a female-type body with the presence of wide hips and narrow shoulders;
  • delayed voice breaking or lack thereof;
  • decrease in the size of the testicles;
  • decrease in sexual desire;
  • slower hair growth, as well as a decrease in the number of pubic hair, beard and armpits.

Sperm Movement Disruption

The obstructive form of infertility caused by blockage of the vas deferens is usually the result of inflammatory diseases of the male genital organs. Such pathological processes include, for example, epididymitis , manifested by pain in the scrotum and its increase. Often, pain is radiating to the inguinal canal, lower back, sacrum. After the acute phase of the inflammatory process subsides, the man most often does not bother with anything more, however, the process of hardening the vas deferens can continue.

The presence of cysts and tumors of the epididymis can cause disruption of sperm transport. In this case, a man can palpate a small painless seal in the scrotum. Over time, pain may appear in the area of ​​the presence of a pathological formation.

Impaired immunological compatibility of partners

It is possible to think about the immunological incompatibility of partners in the case when a given couple does not become pregnant, but the partners have children from other marriages. Undoubtedly, this diagnosis can be made only with a full clinical examination, refuting the presence of any organic or functional disorder that can cause infertility.

If you suspect the presence of signs of infertility, you should consult your doctor for examination and diagnosis.

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