Капсулы омега-3 Male fertility depends on many factors: age, diet, lifestyle, etc. The quality of sperm is directly related to the presence of omega-3 fats in the body. Inclusion in the menu of foods rich in essential fatty acids has a positive effect on the general and reproductive health of men.

What is the benefit of omega-3 when planning pregnancy?

Normalization of the cardiovascular system

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) prevent platelet aggregation (gluing), significantly reducing the likelihood of blood clots (clots) forming in the bloodstream. They contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, increasing their tone, and reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, preventing the development of arterial hypertension. At the same time, the blood supply to oxygen and nutrients of all tissues and organs, including the prostate gland, is improved, which maintains potency and prevents the development of erectile dysfunction.

Improved sperm quality

Being an active participant in the formation of sperm cell membranes, fatty acids improve the biochemical composition of sperm and, accordingly, increase its quality. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) has a direct effect on male fertility, as in the case of an unsaturated fatty acid deficiency, excess cholesterol prevents the formation of healthy and nimble gametes.

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Prevention of the development of certain degenerative diseases

A sufficient amount for the body of polyunsaturated fatty acids prevents improper folding of the protein molecule, leading to the development of neurodegenerative diseases, for example, Parkinson's disease. In addition, seafood (especially fatty fish) significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease due to the fact that polyunsaturated acids stimulate brain activity and improve memory.

Increase the adaptive capacity of the organism

Fatty acids are a building material for eicosanoids involved in the biochemical processes of cells and tissues. These essential hormone-like substances for the body help the immune system to respond adequately to attacks by pathogens and have an immunomodulatory effect. Omega-3 is also involved in the development of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, which help restore immunity after illness.

Mental Health Recovery

Without PUFA, the formation of membranes of brain cells and the nervous system is impossible. Omega-3 regulates the production of serotonin by the pituitary gland (the hormone of joy). In this regard, the fish menu stimulates brain activity, contributes to the normalization of the nervous system and restores the body after stressful situations.

Improved protein synthesis

Unsaturated fatty acids improve the synthesis of protein molecules, and, therefore, indirectly stimulate the growth of muscle mass. In this case, omega-3 helps to reduce the amount of accumulated body fat (if there are training and proper nutrition) and normalize lipid metabolism.

Increase testosterone levels

The main male hormone controls libido and is responsible for the quality (and quantity) of sperm. Omega-3 acids stimulate the production of testosterone , which provides a steady erection and increases the fertility of men.

Sources of omega-3 fats

Food sources

By eating fatty sea fish and other seafood, the man will supply the eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DKG) acids. In plant products, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is present, which the body cannot process, but EPA and DKG are synthesized from it.

Omega-3 is referred to as essential acids, because the body itself cannot produce them. It is possible to obtain the necessary daily dose of fat only from the outside, by consuming products containing unsaturated acids or specialized preparations.

Omega-3 animal sources

You can get the necessary 2 g of polyunsaturated fatty acids by including seafood in your diet. The source of omega-3 fats is not all fish, but only its fatty varieties like herring, salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines. At the same time, the fish should be caught directly from the depths of the sea, where it ate mainly algae, which, like a sponge, are literally saturated with omega-3.

Морская рыба и омега-3

Fig. 1 - Oily marine fish (salmon, salmon, herring, etc.) is the best source of omega-3 acids.

Seafood obtained as a result of mass dilution is poor in fatty acids, therefore it is useless to eat them in order to enrich the body with PUFA. In addition, in the process of heat treatment, a significant portion of essential acids is lost, while a sufficient concentration of omega-3 fats remains in raw and semi-salted fish.

Table 1 - Animal sources of omega-3.

Fish name DKG (g / 100 g fish) EPA (g / 100g fish)
Mackerel 1.32 - 1.62 0.71 - 1.26
Pacific herring to 0.62 up to 0.90
Sardine to 0.70 to 0.86
Atlantic anchovy to 0.75 to 0.96
Halibut to 0.72 up to 0.65
Horse mackerel up to 0.90 up to 0.60
Tuna up to 0,22 up to 0.16

The average portion of fish (80-90 g) contains up to 1.5 g of fatty acids, therefore, daily inclusion in the menu of 150-200 g of seafood will provide omega-3 fats.

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Vegetable sources omega-3

The leader in the content of essential fatty acids among products of plant origin is flaxseed (and oil). You can get omega-3 by eating walnuts, beans, pumpkin seeds, Beijing and cauliflower, spinach, broccoli. Contained (in small quantities) essential acids and in the garden greens: parsley, sorrel, dill, coriander. The use of a variety of vegetable oils will help provide the body with PUFA: rapeseed, soybean, mustard, sesame.

Льняное масло и омега-3

Fig. 2 - Flaxseed oil is a rich source of omega-3 of plant origin, which can be purchased at a grocery store or pharmacy.

Table 2 - Vegetable sources of omega-3.

Name of plant product Omega-3 (linolenic) (g / 100g)
Walnuts to 6.8
Flax seed to 22.8
Mustard oil (unrefined) to 5.6
Linseed oil (unrefined) up to 54
Soybean oil (refined) up to 10.30
Rapeseed oil (refined) up to 8.50

Medical sources of omega-3

To ensure the supply of essential fatty acids, you can use fish oil . The drug can not be combined with certain medications (for example, aspirin), so before taking the supplement, you should always consult with your doctor. When buying, it is advisable to pay attention to such moments as:

  • The presence of a certificate of quality (must be required);
  • Country of origin (the best option is Norway, Russia also produces good fish oil);
  • Tara, which sells medicine. It is more useful if the material for the capsules is fish gelatin, not animal gelatin. Liquid fish oil should be sold only in dark glass vessels - light and oxygen destroy omega-3 acids;
  • The chemical composition (should be present as much as possible omega-3 fats, vitamins A and D).

Omega-3s play an important role in the formation of male fertility , therefore, when planning replenishment in the family, a partner needs to provide the body with polyunsaturated acids.

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