Disturbance of normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs can be caused by various reasons:

  • sedentary work;
  • smoking;
  • alcohol;
  • hypodynamia;
  • obesity;
  • tight underwear, etc.

Possible consequences of circulatory disorders in the pelvis

Inadequate blood flow can lead to pathological conditions.

  • Urethritis, prostatitis. These inflammatory diseases can be activated by blood stasis, as the lack of nutrient intake from the blood weakens the cells themselves. Peculiar purification from harmful substances and maintaining immunity at the cellular level become insufficient. All this provokes the reproduction and growth of pathogenic microorganisms that pollute the environment with waste products. This pathological process often proceeds unnoticed by men. This makes it difficult to identify the disease, its diagnosis and timely treatment.
  • Erectile dysfunction. Insufficiency of blood circulation leads to incomplete filling of the penis with blood. In severe cases, this condition leads to a complete inability to sexual intercourse.
  • Decreased testicular function. Blood stasis in the body provokes a decrease in its functions. The exception is not the testicles, which are responsible for the production of sex hormones and sperm (see "Testicular massage - benefit or harm" ).
  • Violation of the general condition of men. This is due to insufficient production of testosterone, which controls the work of almost all organs and systems in the male body. Separately, it is worth noting the energy function of testosterone. Therefore, its decrease inevitably leads to a decrease in vital energy (see details in “Low testosterone in men - cause and effect” ).

Such conditions require treatment and reduce the normal quality of life for men.

Exercises to improve blood circulation in the pelvis

The most accessible, natural and safe way to "disperse" the blood in the pelvis are exercises. Controlled and orderly performance of such physical activities will help prevent the above-described conditions, improve potency.

Exercises for pubic-coccygeal muscle

Exercises on the pubic-coccygeal muscle have better performance. LK-muscle is located closest to the pelvic organs, so its “pumping” will be most effective. For this you need to perform a set of exercises.

Jet stop

The purpose of the exercise is to feel the LC muscle. If the stop of the jet is difficult, this indicates the weakness of the internal muscles of the pelvis. It is optimal to perform the exercise, when it is possible to stop the jet from 3 times in 1 act of urination.

This exercise is basic in the complex. The first attempts can cause pain, which is the norm. After 1-2 weeks of training, they must pass.

After mastering this exercise and the ability to stop the jet at least 3 times, you can proceed to the next.

Tension of the pubic-coccygeal muscle

The first exercise helps to feel the LC-muscle. Here it is necessary to learn to strain and contract the pubic-coccygeal muscle in isolation.

In performing, it is not the number of cuts that is important, but the quality and strength of the voltage of the LC muscles.

You can perform the exercise starting from 1 approach 10 times, increasing with time the number of approaches and repetitions. This exercise is convenient because it can be performed anywhere: sitting on the couch, at work, in public transport, driving at a traffic light, etc. Exercise can also be performed standing up, but sitting is more convenient - the muscle tension is felt better.

Лобково-копчиковая мышца

Fig. 1 - The location of the pubic-coccygeal muscle in men (ist. Mantek Chia "Taoist secrets of love").

In addition to the basic exercises, you can perform others:

  • Holding the voltage of the LK muscles - alternate contraction and relaxation for 3 seconds. As before, the strength of contraction is important, not speed. Over time, you can increase seconds of stress and relaxation. This is a good exercise for those who have already mastered the normal stress of the LC muscles and want to make further progress. Start with 1 approach 10 times;
  • High-speed change of tension and relaxation - the force of contraction is still important here, but it is not necessary to linger on one state. Alternate contraction with relaxation, starting from 2 sets of 20 times;
  • Strength exercise on the LK muscle - the exercise is performed with an erect penis on which a towel is placed. The essence of the exercise: to lift the towel as high as possible (as if jerking), using LK-muscle. In the future, weight weight (tied weights, soaked towel). Perform 1-3 sets up to 10 times.

These exercises are not necessary to perform, since the main exercise is a simple qualitative tension of the LC muscles.

Read more: "The muscles of potency are the pubic-coccygeal muscle . "

Exercises on the external muscles of the pelvis

It is also good to perform general exercises on the external muscles of the pelvis:

  • circular movements of the pelvis;
  • imaginary discharge of infinity by the pelvis;
  • exercise "bike";
  • exercise "scissors";
  • march in place.

Fig. 2 - Exercise "bicycle" - one of the most effective exercises from stagnation of blood in the pelvic area + trainee LK-muscle.

Drug Improvement of Pelvic Blood Circulation

Here are interesting drugs that improve the rheological properties of blood: increase fluidity, reduce the density, normalize clotting indicators. These drugs prevent thrombosis, reduce the inflammation of the vascular walls and strengthen the endothelium, making it less permeable.

These drugs are medications Venza, Askorutin, Eskuzan . Direct indication for use is vascular fragility and venous insufficiency. But they do an excellent job with blood circulation disorders.

The use of medicines, as opposed to exercises, requires the advice of a doctor. Self-treatment is not recommended!

Products that improve blood circulation

In this case, certain foods will not help to thin the blood or improve blood circulation. But they will get rid of some causes of stagnation - reduced bowel tone, obesity, and will prevent thrombosis. Good intestinal activity (frequent emptying) improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, as they are in close proximity.

Some nutritional recommendations:

  • We include in the diet more fruits, vegetables, seafood, foods rich in fiber;
  • Light carbohydrates, which are contained in sweets, replaced with complex (porridge). These foods contain enough fiber, which contributes to the regulation of stool;
  • Exclude fast food, fatty, fried foods;
  • Spicy foods such as garlic, pepper, spicy seasonings will help to expand blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Fiber content per 100 g of product:
Продукты, богатые клетчаткой

Fig. 3 - Fiber-rich foods.

Other recommendations

It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Therefore, it is better to observe the following guidelines:

  • active lifestyle;
  • exclusion of alcohol, smoking;
  • drink at least 2 liters of liquid;
  • alternation of sitting position and physical activity;
  • proper nutrition (see above);
  • exercise exercises on the LK-muscle;
  • having regular sexual activity.

Following simple rules will help not only increase blood flow, but also improve the quality of life and emotional lability.

Watch a video about exercises to improve blood circulation in the pelvis.