If a couple faces the problems of conceiving a child, then approximately 30% of such cases are due to the male factor. The inability of sperm to fertilize, in most cases associated with a violation of their number in the ejaculate or sperm motility. These two factors reduce the possibility of fertilization by the sperm cell of the egg. Some components of the diet, designed to improve the quality of sperm in men and increase the chance of conception when planning pregnancy.

Vitamin B 12

The use of vitamin B 12 (cobalamin) contributed to the improvement of semen, as in the case of a low content of spermatozoa, and in case of violation of their mobility. Being a water-soluble vitamin, cobalamin is still able to accumulate in the liver, kidneys, lungs and spleen. However, unlike fat-soluble vitamins, the deposition of vitamin B 12 is not so significant, and can not have a toxic effect even with the use of inadequate daily dose rates. Excessive amounts of cobalamin without any changes are excreted in the urine.

Dosage. Daily intake of vitamin B 12 for men is 2-3 mcg. However, in order to increase the chance of conception, the daily dosage can be significantly increased. Future fathers should take into account that their partners during pregnancy, as well as feeding with breast milk, need a higher dose of this vitamin - 2.4-4 µg per day.

Food sources. Being a rather “powerful” vitamin, its daily rate is measured in micrograms, so it is easy to replenish the stock of cobalamin with the help of food. Moreover, the vitamin is resistant to light and heat exposure, and only slightly destroyed during cooking. But it is worth considering that vitamin B 12 is found only in animal food, with its highest content in meat of animals (liver, kidneys and heart), seafood, egg yolk. Therefore, people who adhere to a strict vegan diet (lack of animal food in the diet) may, over time, be deficient in this vitamin and need additional nutritional supplements to replenish it.

Approximate availability in 100 g of a product:

Витамин B12 в продуктах

Fig. 1 - The content of vitamin B 12 in food.

Adsorption of cobalamin from food can be affected by taking large doses of vitamin C (from 1000 mg at one time), which is worth considering if their simultaneous intake is indicated.

Vitamin deficiency is most often not associated with inadequate intake, but with a violation of its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract as a result of various bowel pathologies, inadequate absorption syndrome, and other causes. The only possible solution to a vitamin deficiency, in addition to treating the underlying disease, is an injection method for obtaining vitamin B 12 , since in this case, it bypasses digestion in the intestine, as happens when taken orally.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, due to its antioxidant action, protects spermatozoa from damaging them in the unfavorable (acidic) environment of the female genital organs. Ascorbic acid helps to improve the basic characteristics of sperm: an increase in the number and motility of sperm. A study dated 1987 showed the positive effects of vitamin C in healthy men with infertility. At the end of the three-month course of taking ascorbic acid, all men were capable of fertilization. For men who did not take vitamin C, but also participating in the study, there was no change in fertility.

In addition to the antioxidant effect, ascorbic acid has detoxifying properties. This is especially true for men who have a habit of smoking or are exposed to industrial chemical compounds. By the way, a man should stop smoking if he wants to increase his chances of conceiving a child.

Dosage. Take 500 mg of vitamin C for 3 months to analyze changes in seed quality. This is a large dose, compared with the recommended daily dosage of 70-100 mg. But since ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin and is not capable of accumulation, the excess easily leaves the body with urine. But the reduced dose more than covers recommendations for increasing vitamin C intake during illness, stress and exposure to toxic effects.

Food sources. The most valuable food sources are sweet peppers, citrus fruits, kiwi, currants, greens. Such products should be consumed only fresh, because ascorbic acid is easily destroyed by temperature.

Approximate availability in 100 g of a product:

Витамин C в продуктах

Fig. 2 - The content of vitamin C in food.


One of the symptoms of selenium deficiency in men is sterility. It is believed that selenium has a pronounced protective effect on spermatozoa and improves their mobility. Contains selenium in the body, including the testicles and seminiferous tubules.

Selenium has a number of positive points for men's health. For example, the correlation between the deficiency of selenium and the occurrence of cancer, especially those that men (colon and rectum, prostate, and lung cancers) are absolutely proven, is absolutely proved.

In addition to improving the function of the sex glands, selenium protects against weakening of the heart muscle, preventing such killer diseases as heart attack, stroke, cardiomyopathy, etc. Having a preventive effect not only on individual diseases, selenium promotes good health by stimulating the body's immune system.

Dosage. The daily need for selenium for men is 70-100 mcg. When using supplements, try using selenium as a dietary supplement in the form of L-selenomethionine at a dosage of 100-200 mcg per day. In the same dosage fit sodium selenate and selenium aspartate.

Food sources. Replenish the stock of organic selenium in the body is not difficult thanks to the Brazil nut - the champion in the content of selenium. Only 2-3 nuts per day fill the daily need for this microcell. Other main sources of selenium are seafood, animal meat (kidneys, liver), eggs. The content of selenium in cereals and seeds can be significant, but it depends entirely on how rich the soil is in this trace element. Since in most countries of the world soil depletion is observed in selenium, this situation leads to its deficiency even with a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables contain little selenium.

Approximate availability in 100 g of a product:

Селен в продуктах

Fig. 3 - The content of selenium in food.


Zinc is a unique trace element for men's health. He can safely give primacy with regards to the importance in the normal operation of the sexual function of a man. Zinc influences the quantitative and qualitative indicator of spermatozoa, and is also responsible for the synthesis of the main male hormone - testosterone. Symptoms of zinc deficiency in men are reduced potency (up to impotence ), infertility.

Zinc has an immunomodulatory effect, fights against infectious diseases and cancer, is necessary for the rapid healing of wounds. Zinc is especially needed during puberty, as it is responsible for starting the processes of growth and development of the body.

Dosage. The daily need for zinc for men is 15 mg. The need for increased dosage occurs with regular alcohol abuse, unbalanced nutrition, treatment of genital and reproductive diseases. In this case, a dose of 20 mg per day will suffice.

Excess zinc can inhibit substances in the body such as iron, copper, calcium.

Food sources. Sources of zinc are seafood (oysters, crabs, fatty fish), wheat germinated grains, meat and animal insides, oatmeal, nuts, etc.

Approximate availability in 100 g of a product:

Цинк в продуктах

Fig. 4 - Zinc content in food.

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L-arginine is an amino acid that is one of the structural units of a protein. Arginine is directly involved in the formation and formation of seminal fluid, accounting for up to 80% of its dry matter. As shown by research data, the deficiency of this amino acid was observed in patients with a violation of the main factors of sperm quality - the number and motility of sperm. The inclusion of the required amount of arginine in the diet helps to restore these two indicators to the level of the norm.

Arginine supplements are used for sporting purposes to improve muscle nutrition and reduce body fat. However, the effectiveness of this supplement for sports purposes has been refuted by numerous studies.

Dosage. Take 4 g of arginine daily for 3 months to compare results.

Food sources. L-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid, as it can be synthesized in the human body independently and under ideal conditions does not require additional application. However, this applies only to a healthy body. Most often, self-synthesis is not enough to fully provide the body with the necessary dose of arginine.

Arginine amino acid is widely represented in food products: it is found in nuts (walnut, cedar), pumpkin seeds, chicken, pork, egg, peas, etc.

Аргинин в продуктах

Fig. 5 - Arginine content in food.

Table 1 - Necessary vitamins for men to conceive, their dosage and sources.

Vitamin B 12 2 - 3 mcg Meat (liver, kidney, heart), seafood, egg yolk
Vitamin C 500 mg Sweet peppers, citrus fruits, kiwi, currants
Selenium 100 - 200 mcg Brazil nuts, seafood, meat (liver, kidneys), eggs
Zinc 20 mg Seafood, wheat germinated grains, beef, pumpkin seeds
L-arginine 4 g Nuts, pumpkin seeds, chicken, pork, eggs


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