Hello, friends! With you again I am Mr.Jons. While you are engaged in increase in the member under the program of the beginner , I have prepared for you an article that will be interesting to many. In this article, I will talk about topics such as:

  • What is big size? Its advantages and disadvantages
  • The largest member in the world
  • Rastuny and show
  • Real sizes of porn stars

What is big size? Its advantages and disadvantages!

In our world, society is obsessed with large size: a big house, a big car, big breasts, etc. The penis is also no exception. A big dick stirs the minds of many people, both women and men. Many girls dream of a guy with a big dick, and many guys dream of having it. So what is a big dick?

If a member up to 16 cm long can be called medium, and from 16 cm is larger than average, then an organ 18 cm long and more can be safely called large, more precisely, long. However, the matter is not only in length, but also in girth. So, a member of a girth of 14 cm is "thick." Well, in the aggregate, a member of the size of 18x14 cm and is large.

This size can boast no more than 5% of men worldwide. If we talk about even larger sizes, then this is a very big rarity. So, a member of size 20x15 and above is just a huge body that brings some difficulties to its owners.

Disadvantages of a large penis

It should say a few words about the shortcomings of a large size. For example, most girls can not take a member longer than 18 cm. Some girls are not able to hold 18 cm! What can we say about a member of a length of 20 cm or more?

Yes, of course, much depends on the anatomy of the girl and the compatibility of partners. There are girls to whom the length of 20 cm will be just right, but there are not many of them. When the length of the member prevents full penetration, then full contact with the passion becomes impossible.

Also, with an excessively long length, passionate, violent sex becomes problematic. For the reason that during fast frictions, a man will inevitably rest against the "bottom" of the girl, that is, into the womb. This gives girls unpleasant, painful sensations.

Let's not forget about the large girth. When girth of 14 cm, anal sex becomes problematic. With girth of 15 cm, oral sex becomes problematic already! Well, when girth of 16 cm (which is an exceptional rarity) problems with classical, vaginal sex can arise!

What about condoms for a big dick? If the length of the problem does not arise, then the girth is not so simple. So, when girth of 14.5-15 cm, the base of the condom begins to squeeze the penis strong, which gives the man unpleasant sensations, and sometimes knocks down an erection. Sometimes, even condoms of size XL are small, in the case of girth from 16 cm.

The merits of a large penis

The merits of a large member are much more than disadvantages.

It is worth starting with the fact that the owner of a large member, other things being equal, is more confident in matters of sex. Of course, a big dick consoles selfishness and the Ego of its owner. In public showers, bathhouses, saunas, a big dick (in a calm state, more on this below) is a guarantor of a man’s confidence.

I was familiar with a man, whose member in a calm state reached a length of 18 cm and a girth of 16 cm (!), Which is truly a huge size! In the showers and baths, this man made an incredible impression! But, it is worth saying that he has reached this size through training to increase his penis. Of course, he already started with solid data, and at the same time was a show (about this below).

Speaking about the merits of a large penis, one cannot fail to mention its advantage in sex (subject to the anatomical compatibility of the partners). The large girth gives special pleasure to both men and women, due to the close contact. A large length provides a large amplitude of frictions and provides access to many poses that require considerable length. In general, the view of a large dick greatly excites many women and makes an indelible impression on them!

The largest member in the world

Perhaps there are not so many people in the world who have not asked this question. And today I will answer it, as a person competent in this topic. When requesting "the largest penis in the world" search engines invariably give pages about a certain John Falcon, who allegedly is the owner of that very, very large ... However, not everything is so simple.

In spite of the fact that everywhere it is claimed that the pier of John Falcon passed the official measurement, which was recorded by the staff of the Guinness Book of Records, neither I nor anyone else could find evidence of the measurement. No photos, much less video. Even more: it’s almost impossible to find a photo of John Falcon with an erect member on the network ... There are only a couple of photos that do not inspire confidence.

Falcon is not a timid one, and in many programs he talked about his love affairs with both women and men. However, on numerous invitations to play porn for big money, Falcon invariably refused ... Perhaps because he does not have a member of the stated size? The network has a photo of his member in a relaxed state, and his body is really very large, but this is a record in an erect state.

Most likely, the story about the record size of a member of John Falcon, is nothing more than a cleverly turned fraud, which over time began to be taken for the truth. And yes, John Falcon is credited with dimensions of 35 cm in length and 20 in girth. Believe it or not, everyone's business.

But I’ll add that if the girth is 20 cm and can be real, then the length of 35 cm is something from the realm of fantasy ... Just measure an object 35 cm long and stick it to your groin, everything will become clear to you. Of course, we are talking about a "natural member", without the use of various implants, etc.

In this case, you will ask, Mr.Jons, if not John Falcon, then who is the owner of the largest member in the world? I have no answer to this question. However, the options will be slightly lower.

Rastuny and Demonstration

In the title “What is a big dick,” I mentioned a man, with a member in a calm state, 18 cm long and 16 cm girth. The question immediately arises, what then is its size in an erect state? Maybe 25 cm or more? No, everything is much more modest: this man in a “combat” state measured 20-21 cm in length and 17 cm in girth.

This is indeed a member of enormous size, but the question arises: “Why is the difference in the size of the calm and erect state so small?”. The answer is that the aforementioned man is a prime example of the demonstrations . What does it mean?

The fact is that all men are conditionally divided into two types:

  1. Showing off Those men whose member is not greatly increased during the transition to the erect state. For example, having a calm state of 13 cm in length and 12 cm of girth, when moving to a “combat” state, such a member reaches 15-16 cm in length and 13 cm in girth. Being a showcase is beneficial when visiting showers and baths.
  2. Rusty. On the contrary, these are the men who, having a small size in a calm state, are dramatically transformed into an erect state. As an example, 10 cm of length and 11 cm of girth can “grow” into 18 cm of length and 14 cm of girth!
So the assessment of a member in a quiet state does not give information about its size in the erect state. Demonstrations are much less than rastunov.

Real sizes of porn stars

Well, here we come to the main topic of this article! So what are the sizes of pornactera? It is worth writing right away that their real sizes are not as impressive as is commonly believed.

Next, I will list the sizes of the most famous and “big” actors. The data is reliable with an accuracy of 1 cm. Where does this data come from? In many films there are moments when the actor is measured by a member, but measured starting almost from the ass, please forgive. However, comparing the beginning of the ruler with a member, you can get the true size. Just as often in pronofilms, a member of the actor is assigned a subject for comparison: a dollar, a can of shaving foam, etc. Knowing the sizes of the objects, we can also determine the actual size of the actor.

So, the real sizes of the most famous pornactera! (Length and girth)

  • John Sins (bald from the brazers) - 18x13.5 cm.
  • Manuel Ferara - 16.5x15 cm
  • Danny D - 22x15.5 cm!
  • Jack Napier - 22x17 cm!
  • Shane Diesel (Blacksil) - 19x18 cm!
  • Chris Stockers - 19x13.5.
  • Prince Yahshua - 19x15 cm
  • Lexington Steele - 21x16 cm!
  • Nacho Vidal - 17x16 cm
  • Frederick Lamont (Mandingo) - 23x16 cm!
  • Billy Glide - 17x17 cm!
  • Bruce Venture - 18x13.5 cm.
  • Chris Diamond - 18.5x15.5 cm
  • Rocco Sifredi - 19x16 cm
  • Ron Jerimi - 17x13.5 cm
  • Jason Brown - 19x16 cm
  • Keiran Lee - 17x14 cm
  • Short Mac - 18x19 cm! (Shorty Mack underwent an implant implantation in the penis, and the girth reached 19 cm!)
  • Etc.

As you can see, not a single actor with a length of 25 cm, although according to assurances from journalists and porn directors, almost every second porn actor has a length of 30 cm ...

Thus, the top three in length:

  • Danny D - 22x15.5 cm!
  • Jack Napier - 22x17 cm!
  • Frederick Lamont (Mandingo) - 23x16 cm!

These are the three most "big" actors in all porn.

I was also familiar with a guy who possessed a size ... 22.5x17 cm! You ask how I met him. You would never have guessed. You may not believe me, but our paths crossed in one of the forums dedicated to increasing member! You truly thought that he achieved such results? Not at all. He came to the forum in order to increase it! Later he provided a photo with measurements, and there was no doubt about his “greatness”. True, this giant did not achieve much growth, apparently due to insufficient motivation. Men with so huge members, units in the millions. And now just remember the statement about 35 cm of John Falcon.

Sometimes porn is used realistic model of a member of a huge size. However, it is easy to identify: the base of the member is never shown, and the actor constantly holds the “member”. However, an attentive person will quickly reveal deception.

Also, sometimes on the sites of erochats, you can find men with gigantic members, who also claim to be over 25 cm in size. However, they use a shooting angle that allows you to visually enlarge a member. In any case, there is not a single photo with the measurement of a member of 25 cm or more. Draw your own conclusions.

And now let us recall the shortcomings of a large member ... The three leaders from porn and my friend from the forum to increase the member - none of them can enter the entire length of a woman. It is understandable, so deep women are as few as male giants.

In the list above pornacterov, I brought the most "big". The overwhelming number of men in porn have dimensions 16x13 cm. However, in porn films they seem larger than they are in reality. Why is this happening, read below.

Tricks and tricks in porn

Producers of porn tend to ensure that the size of the member in the film was as much as possible, because such a member looks "watchable." However, there are not so many “big” actors. But they are trying to present them in films even more “big”. The directors of porn movies use a number of techniques to make the penis appear larger. Next in order:

  1. Perspective. You may have already noticed that the angles in all porn movies are the same. This is due to the fact that most often used shooting from the man, which allows you to visually increase the size of the penis.
  2. Girls Most porn actresses have small stature and hands. And against the background of the girl and in her arms, the member looks impressive. Sometimes in porn there are actresses of considerable height and large palms. And ... Everything looks very different: the member becomes noticeably smaller, more precisely, it looks at its true size.
  3. Lens. Not so often, but still, lenses are used to increase the image in the center. And when the central place is a member, it looks more than it actually is.
  4. Vacuum pumps. Some actors use a vacuum pump before filming. A device that allows you to temporarily increase a member. Not so much, but still. How to achieve a permanent result with the help of a pump, I will tell in the following articles.

That's basically all that relates to this topic.

Friends, at the end of this article, I strongly recommend, if you have not yet refused, as soon as possible to refuse to view porn. This entails a series of unpleasant consequences. Believe me, I have enough experience in this topic. Now you know the true size of porn stars. At this point, I advise you to stop watching porn. Good luck to you friends!

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