"Double Portion" - a film about fast food

How does fast food affect human health? Perhaps the best answer to this question can be achieved if you take a healthy person and feed him only fast food. So did the American Morgan Spurlock - the main character and director of the film “Double Portion” (the original […]

The film "Fat, sick and almost dead"

The hero of the film - Australian Joe Cross, set himself a goal: for 60 days to eat only fresh juices. “Fat, sick and almost dead” - this is the reason that made Joe buy a juicer, get in the car and go on a trip to the USA. [...]

Water properties and human health

Water is the most familiar substance on earth. She accompanies all stages of our life. Despite the seeming prostate of water, it contains many secrets and has unique properties not characteristic of any other substances on earth. Now we can safely say, [...]

Medical fasting - experience of the doctor of Nikolaev

Genre: popular science Duration: 00:05:25 Rare shots about medical fasting in the USSR. The interview is taken from Professor Nikolayev Yu. S., who first experienced therapeutic fasting in practice, on himself and then on his patients. The professor borrowed this diet from yogis. - On [...]

Hardening as a method of improving health

Genre: popular science Year of release: 2013 Duration: 25:01 Benefits of hardening The essence of hardening is the short-term effects of cold on a person in order to improve the body's thermoregulation. The time spent in cold water is strictly an individual indicator and must be determined by the hardened. After all, the main goal of winter swimming is not records, [...]

Lecture on syroedenii - Mikhail Sovietov

Genre: Lecture Year of graduation: 2013 Duration: 01:19:40 A lecture on raw foods (CE) from practicing physician Mikhail Sovetov will be of interest not only to people interested in this topic, but also to everyone who cares about their health and wants to improve it. Lecture summary Michael [...]

O. Butakova. Male god testosterone - Part 4. General philosophy

Genre: Lecture Graduation year: 2007 Country: Russia Duration: 01:42:59 Description: The fourth part of the lecture series "Male god testosterone". The lecture deals with psychological issues that affect testosterone levels. O. Butakova will tell you what life aspects will help keep testosterone levels at […]

O. Butakova. Male god testosterone - Part 3. Intraceptic

Genre: Lecture Graduation year: 2007 Country: Russia Duration: 00:41:25 Description: The third part of the lecture series “Male god testosterone”. The lecture deals with vitamins and minerals necessary for the male body for the synthesis of testosterone. O. Butakova talks about the function and significance for the body [...]

O. Butakova. Male god testosterone - Part 2. Male power

Genre: Lecture Year: 2007 Country: Russia Duration: 01:26:00 Description: This part is a continuation of the first lecture "Testosterone". The lecture deals with how men should eat: OA Butakova will tell which products increase and which reduce the production of testosterone, as well as […]

O. Butakova. Male god testosterone - Part 1. Testosterone

Genre: Lecture Graduation year: 2007 Country: Russia Duration: 01:34:33 Description: The first part of the “Male God Testosterone” lecture series devoted to the main male sex hormone - testosterone. From the first part of the lecture you will learn: 1. What is testosterone? 2. What is the male sex hormone [...]